Free game: giving away copies of Star Wars: Battlefront II for PC

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Star Wars: Battlefront II It was widely criticized at its launch, but thanks to many changes and adjustments it has become an experience worth having in your collection, especially if you can get it for free. This is why you should know that soon they will give away copies of Star Wars: Battlefront II for PC.

What happens is that the Epic Games Store announced that soon it will give away copies of Star Wars: Battlefront II for PC. Thanks to this, anyone who is interested in this game will be able to get a copy from this computer game store It is worth mentioning that they will give away the Celebration Edition, which includes a lot of cosmetic content.

The only detail you should keep in mind is that the promotion is not available yet. You will have to wait until Thursday, January 14, for the offer to be activated and you can get Star Wars: Battlefront II free. There is no other way than to be patient.

Of course, you must bear in mind that the promotion will only last one week, so it will end on January 21. You should also know that to obtain it you must have an account of the Epic Games Store.

There is a new gift in the Epic Games Store

So that you entertain yourself in what you wait for Star Wars: Battlefront is available for free, you should know that there is already a new gift available in the Epic Games Store.

Is about Crying Suns, a tactical rogue-like in which you’ll take on the role of the commander of a space fleet. Your mission will be to explore a mysterious fallen civilization while surviving epic battles. It is worth mentioning that this title has an immersive story with more than 300 different narrative events.

To obtain Crying Suns you need to click this link and that you complete the purchase process. Once you do, the game will become part of your collection and you can download it whenever you want. Please note that the promotion will be available until 10:00 AM on January 14.

And to you, what did you think of these gifts? Do you plan to take advantage of these promotions? Tell us in the comments.

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