Free in the Epic Games Store Sunless Sea

An extraordinary adventure of discovery is currently available for free in the digital Epic Games Store.

In Sunless Sea, the player takes the helm of a steamship and embarks on a journey into unknown, dark waters. Sunless Sea is a game about exploration, loneliness and frequent deaths set in a Victorian Gothic universe.

Command a Victorian steamship on a vast underground sea: if you manage to survive the giant crabs, intelligent icebergs and flocks of bats, madness and cannibalism will surely do the rest. But the dark old ocean beckons and rich prey awaits the brave souls who make it dare to drive it.

Remove yourself from the gas lamps of civilization: light and darkness, terror and madness: if you are on the wide, dark sea for too long, your crew will become frightened and eventually lose their minds.

Shape the life of your captain in a cruel and unique world: a deep, captivating world with over 350,000 words that tell stories and secrets. Find your father’s bones. Determine the fate of London. In Sunless Sea you challenge the gods of the deep sea.

Sunless Sea is free until March 4th in Epic Games Store available.

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