Free iPhone 13 Pro gifts distribution from AT&T telecommunications company

Apple 2021 phones, with the first appearance of the latest Apple phones, it was announced that the United States telecommunications company AT&T has started distributing gifts for the second year to all its customers, as Apple offers the new iPhone 13 Pro phones for free. Whether it is for new customers or existing customers for those who have the possibility of making a replacement on certain conditions that take place according to some plans for unlimited data, the distribution of the new iPhone 13 Pro phones has raised global and Arab reactions that many citizens have taken care of.

Apple phones 2021

AT&T’s offer is consistent with the other offer of T-Mobile, which is the competitor to Apple, in order for the company to create a marketing aspect for it worldwide, while Virgin Communications offers a special discount of $800 out of iPhone 13 Pro mobile priceThis report came according to its website.

The effect of free gifts for the new iPhone 13 Pro

free gifts for mobile IPhone 13 Go The new one has had a significant impact on increasing the number of subscribers to the company. During the last three months, AT&T achieved a huge boom in the number of mobile subscribers. The company announced that 789,000 customers were added during the second quarter, and this number is one of the big numbers. Which exceeded the number of customers of T-Mobile, which achieved the number of 627,000 only, and on the contrary, Verizon achieved less gains, which has a large history in the field of wireless carrier work, which is the first company in this field in the United States.

Prices have had a new form of competition between companies and each other, through discounts and free gifts that have made a big leap and a remarkable development in attracting new customers, T-Mobile Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oswaldijk, said through a conference prepared and which includes many bank investors Of America Corp: “The industry has always been competitive, and we have proven our ability to compete and grow profitably and powerfully among major competitive companies.”

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