Free prognosis Quinté + Pmu Prix de Montignac-Charente, Monday at Vincennes. MILLIONDOLLARRHYME, a big value

Quinté + Monday at Vincennes with the Montignac-Charente Price, a European level A trot race, over 2,700 meters long track, for 6 to 10 years inclusive having won at least 160,000 € but not 460,000. MILLIONDOLLARRHYME (our photo), a good quality Swedish trotter, is a priority choice.

The free prognosis of Quinté + Pmu of the day, Z5 ZEturf, 5 out of 5

13 MILLIONDOLLARRHYME : A high-level trotter in Sweden, he made a success of his debut in France by winning in the quinté on November 14 at Vincennes, after a very fine final sprint. It’s still a good commitment for him this Monday. Full base.

14 UNIQUE JUNI : Well known on our soil, this other Swedish trotter of great quality had shone at Vincennes during the last winter meeting. He did well this summer in his country and for his return to France, he has a very favorable commitment to the earnings ceiling. He too deserves great credit.

9 JERRY MOM : By finishing fourth in the quinté on November 1st in Laval, this son of Ready Cash confirmed his return to form. With great potential, with good references in quality lots, it is a priority choice in this quinté.

7 DREAM THE LASSERIE : This very consistent 7-year-old gelding no longer has to prove itself in events of this kind. Its form is sure. At the end of a good trip, he is in the top three or four.

6 DOSTOIEVSKI : In August and September, he recommends a victory and three first runners-up giving him an obvious chance here. Very efficient barefoot, he should play a good role.

3 BLACK JACK FROM : In view of his second place on October 3 at Caen, as well as his two runners-up in September at Vincennes, this 9-year-old gelding is not out of the question in this very high level event.

4 VIOLET JET : On September 22 in Laval, he won a Group III, notably ahead of the very good FAIRPLAY D’URZY. Fifth most recently in the quinté of November 14 at Vincennes won by MILLIONDOLLARRHYME, it is a most valid outsider.

2 ELVIS DU VALLON : Excellent during the Vincennes 2019-2020 winter meeting, this resident of Charles Cuiller No longer has a margin at this level, but for a small place, it is far from being an impossibility.

In case of non-runner : 5 CASH DU RIB

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