free tests to travel this summer? “You have to be reasonable, the cost is important if you have to pay for everyone’s tests”

On the set of “It’s not every day Sunday” on RTL, the Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden spoke about the measures that are being put in place for travel. After announcing that the implementation of the European health certificate would be on the menu of the next Consultative Committee on June 4, Annelies Verlinden gave indications concerning the price of tests in the context of travel.

According to the minister, the Belgian authorities are currently working on this document, which will be “easy to use”.

But what about people who have not been vaccinated? Will they be able to travel? Annelies Verlindent explains that for these people, it will be necessary to present a negative test. But this test is expensive, or € 47 in Belgium. Will it become free this summer for people who want to travel? The decision has not yet been rendered, although Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke has already expressed his opinion on the matter.

Annelies Verlinden, she more or less agrees with Frank Vandenbroucke: “It is clear that it is quite expensive to do a test. The European Commission has earmarked 100 million euros for all European citizens, but that will not be enough to cover all travel and all trips in the world. I think it is normal to offer something to those who have not been able to get vaccinated, but on the other hand, you also have to be reasonable. We did some calculations and the cost is significant if we have to pay for everyone’s tests. We have to find a balance, ”said the Minister.


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