Free VPN for browsing anonymously: 2 options to consider

The world we live in depends heavily on the Internet and this use continues to expand into all areas of our lives. If the Internet offers you endless possibilities, it is also a source of threats, especially for your anonymity.

To protect your identity when browsing, you can surf anonymously by setting your Internet browser to “private navigation”, But this alternative is not completely reliable and sufficient: your data remains visible to those who can read it. Effective solutions for this are VPN software (free or paid).

Designed to ensure your safety on the Internet, they allow you to browse anonymously. But how do you go about finding a free VPN that will allow you to surf anonymously?

Don’t worry, this article will walk you through two options to consider when finding your free VPN for browsing anonymously:

  • A completely free and secure VPN … but limited
  • A Premium VPN that offers you a 30-day refund period for unlimited benefits

ProtonVPN: 100% free and really secure

ProtonVPN VPN free

ProtonVPN Free VPN © Citrus Juicer

The first option to think about in your search for a Free VPN to browse anonymously is ProtonVPN. This software has the major advantage of being really secure for a free VPN … something rare enough to be underlined.

Free ProtonVPN services: an anonymous VPN

Free VPN ProtonVPN is Swiss software easy to use. It allows you to protect your data by encrypting it and protect your identity so that you can browse without fear. ProtonVPN offers you access to geo-limited content such as foreign Netflix catalogs and does not keep any logs of your connection activities.

In these areas, your information on the net is covered and you also have access to additional features. The characteristic that interests us here is the guarantee of your anonymity. To ensure this anonymity, ProtonVPN does not ask for any personal identification information to open an account and also offers an anonymous mailbox.

What makes this possible is the fact that Swiss law does not oblige ProtonVPN to keep users’ browsing history, so your visits are immediately deleted. Of course, your IP address is masked so as to avoid any possibility of hacking or obtaining your identity by individuals or malware.

This free VPN has the main advantage of being very secure compared to its competitors, especially to guarantee anonymous browsing. Its code is Open Source, allowing anyone to find loopholes. This allows better reliability of the service and greater transparency.

ProtonVPN Anonymous Free VPNProtonVPN Anonymous Free VPN

ProtonVPN Free Anonymous VPN © Lemon Squeezer

The advantage of ProtonVPN: important security for a free VPN

For you to browse anonymously, ProtonVPN sets up multiple secure services. The main guarantee of safety is the compatibility with the Tor anonymity network that ProtonVPN offers you. While it may seem difficult for your information to be fully and foolproof, the Tor network is an example in this area.

It is of a reliability that is no longer to be proven and therefore allows you to browse anonymously: here with a free VPN. This is a considerable advantage, especially for downloading torrents: your IP address is hidden. In this way, you are untraceable to browse the Internet or for your downloads.

ProtonVPN servers supporting the TOR network also allow you to have a few clicks access to the domains of the underground Internet, like the Onion sites. The “Kill Switch” feature of this free VPN allows you to be sure that you are always protected and that you are constantly browsing anonymously.

Indeed, the latter blocks the traffic on your network in the event of loss of connection of the VPN. The security of the free VPN software ProtonVPN is therefore very effective, especially to ensure anonymous browsing. However, it is not the only possible solution.

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ExpressVPN: the free VPN for 1 month to browse anonymously

ExpressVPN browse anonymouslyExpressVPN browse anonymously

ExpressVPN browse anonymously © Presse-citron

To go further than free VPN software, the second possibility that we expose you to browse anonymously and for free is the software ExpressVPN and its 30 day money back guarantee.

The quality of Premium services to browse anonymously

ExpressVPN is premium VPN software: it gives you better quality services, but it normally comes with a fee. Among its characteristics, we find, for example, a list of more than 3000 servers, more than 90 countries covered, or even customer support accessible 24/24 and 7/7. It is one of the best Premium VPNs in the world thanks to its premium features and services.

When it comes to letting you browse anonymously, ExpressVPN allows you to protect your privacy. This VPN software does not keep any of your activities or your data – its privacy policy has been audited by PwC, proven to be serious and reliable – which guarantees that it will not be used for commercial or fraudulent purposes. Also, ExpressVPN completely masks your IP address, just like your online location.

In this way your navigation is completely hidden and anonymous. Your identity is protected even on public Wi-Fi networks. ExpressVPN gives you a quality of service far superior to that of free VPNs and all this, with a 30-day “money-back” guarantee, which allows you to enjoy it for free over that period in a few minutes.

ExpressVPN money back guaranteeExpressVPN money back guarantee

ExpressVPN your money back © squeezer lemon

ExpressVPN free for 30 days: the money back guarantee

ExpressVPN Premium VPN has much more advanced features than a free VPN and you can enjoy these services free of charge for 1 month thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.

This device is effective simultaneously on a number of connected devices of up to 5. Thus, all your digital devices are protected so that your information does not leak anywhere. These features are important for your safety.

Thanks to these features, this free VPN for 30 days gives you access to geo-limited content such as Netflix US, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney +, HBO, Hulu, French channels abroad and many others, completely anonymous.

You are invisible, including in your multimedia downloads. This is a major advantage, for example vis-à-vis HADOPI which is very active in France on the subject of torrents. With the ExpressVPN offer that we recommend – the 30-day “satisfied or your money back” offer – all these services are available to you free of charge. Note that, for anonymous downloads, only a “paid” VPN like ExpressVPN is compatible. ProtonVPN, in its free version, does allow browsing anonymously, but will not work with your bitTorrent software.

You can enjoy the benefits of ExpressVPN for free, but with better guarantees of browsing anonymously than if you had gone directly to a free plan. To discover this offer, nothing could be simpler, it’s here:

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Why prefer Premium services to a free VPN?

VPN gratuit VPN premiumVPN gratuit VPN premium

VPN gratuit VPN premium © Presse-citron

While free VPNs have the advantage of being economical with financial resources, they do have a lot of downsides. The 30-day money-back guarantee at ExpressVPN then makes perfect sense. Here’s why you should prefer a Premium VPN over a free VPN in your choice of VPN, especially if you want to browse anonymously.

The technical characteristics of a free VPN are limited

To ensure optimal service and flawless anonymous browsing, your VPN must have optimal technical characteristics. For example, free VPNs do not allow for as much data transfer as Premium VPNs. The data they can transfer is almost always limited and your use suffers.

Worse yet, free VPNs are far (too) often criticized for keeping user logs. They then resell them to cover their costs. And yes, a network of VPN servers comes with a lot of maintenance costs. Where do you think they get funding from? When it’s free, you are the product as we often hear it.

Also, one of the main advantages of VPNs is to give you access to content normally blocked in your geographical area: a free VPN will not be competitive in this area. Your access to foreign Netflix catalogs, torrent downloads or HD streaming will be compromised.

Worse yet, your anonymity may not be 100% guaranteed. In addition, the number of servers for a Premium VPN can go up to over 6,000, while free VPNs hover between 5 and 30 instead.

It’s easy to understand that the services of a Premium VPN are much more powerful, even if free VPNs tell you otherwise. To browse anonymously, you need to be sure your VPN is efficient.

browse anonymouslybrowse anonymously

browse anonymously © Presse-citron

The lower quality of service of free VPNs

If you are looking for a free VPN to browse anonymously, you will probably be disappointed with the quality of the services quite quickly. Compared to Premium VPNs, free VPNs are much worse. The services offered often work poorly, if at all.

When you run into trouble, customer service for free VPNs is hard to reach. You often only have a FAQ or a contact form for help and the solution is often overdue. A Premium VPN always offers a 24/7/365 technical service that fixes your problem in minutes.

Likewise, free VPNs often don’t leave the option to P2P open due to the bandwidth it requires. These services are always provided with Premium VPNs and anonymously and securely, which may not be the case with a free VPN.

Conclusion: how to browse anonymously with a free VPN?

If you are looking for a free VPN to browse anonymously, there are two main solutions available to you.

  • You have the option of opting for 100% free VPN software, like ProtonVPN which we featured. Even though it has some features that are better than other free VPNs, it will quickly disillusion you in its use. You might be disappointed with choosing this free VPN.
  • The second option available to you – and the one we recommend – is to take advantage of ExpressVPN’s “money-back” offer. You will be able to browse anonymously and in complete safety thanks to the high-end services that it offers you for a month. This service will cost you nothing thanks to the ExpressVPN 30-day money-back guarantee. To take advantage of it, just a few clicks, follow our link:

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