“Freed, vaccinated”: Theresa, 80, resident in a nursing home, plays the Snow Queen in a clip (video)

The Acacias nursing and care home in Molenbeek has just released a clip entitled “Liberée, vaccinée”. It is an adaptation of the famous Disney title, “Freed, Delivered”, a cult song from Frozen. 80-year-old Theresa plays the lead role with great enthusiasm.

Encouraged by Youssef Kaddar, specialist educator at the Acacias rest home, Theresa overcame her nature reserve for the filming of this clip where she appears grimaced as Snow Queen. “It’s funny! It’s funny!”, she rejoices. “I don’t look like it but I’m still quite shy… And so there… I’m not me anymore. I was the Snow Queen”, she confides with a mischievous little smile.

The idea was born during an activity organized by Youssef at the nursing home. “We were in the middle of a musical quiz, and there is one of my interns who put on the music for Frozen. At that point, I have a resident who gets up and shouts ‘released, vaccinated!’ “, says the specialist educator. Enough to awaken the imagination of this young man who has affinities and skills in the audiovisual sector.

Since they were all vaccinated, the residents of the Acacias nursing home have come back to life. “They are less afraid of entering into interaction between residents. They feel more peaceful and they finally see the end of the tunnel”, notes Youssef. “We are more at ease (…) Now I am completely at ease”, says Theresa.


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