Freiburg bounces back against Biel, …

French-speaking hockey is doing well in this National League version Covid. Behind the leader Lausanne, we find Friborg (3rd), winner 3-1 of Biel and Geneva (4th) who beat Davos 5-2.

With ten matches this weekend, the championship almost seemed to be anchored in normality. And what is confirmed is the good health of French-speaking clubs. If we look at the ranking through the prism of the number of points per match, Geneva (2.25) is ahead of Lausanne (2.20) and Friborg (2). The three clubs are also the only ones with Zug (2.20) to reach or exceed the two units per game.

After easily defeating Zug at Vernets (4-0), the Genevans moved to Graubünden to face an opponent who remained on a setback in Biel. The Eagles show great confidence and even when they decide to play it a little more wait-and-see, the puck goes their way.

The game took a long time to settle. The Garnet opened the scoring in the 31st by Damien Riat with a perfectly executed power play. And when Nygren equalized (32nd), the Genevans responded immediately by Rod (33rd). Richard validated the success of his people in the 49th. Robert Mayer’s exit took the score from 3-1 to 5-2.

Defenders of Freiburg on fire

Little inspired the day before in Rapperswil with a 4-1 defeat, the Dragons found their senses at the same time as their ice rink. Faced with faltering Biennois for whom defense should only be a district of Paris, the Fribourgeois were able to work on the offensive statistics of the rear.

If Gunderson’s 2-0 does not surprise anyone, the successes of Dave Sutter and Benjamin Chavaillaz have the gift of surprising. But the two rather defensive defenders were able to score by coming to support the attack wisely.

In the Zealand camp, the good things seen on Friday evening quickly faded. Biel thus concedes its sixth defeat in nine matches.

It is not really the joy in the canton of Bern since the Bears were dominated 2-1 at home by Langnau. Will this fifth negative result in a row push the management board of the PostFinance Arena to change anything?

In Zug, Dan Tangnes’ players got scared. Led 3-2 by Rapperswil in the 43rd, they ended up passing the shoulder in the 59th thanks to Simion.

In the advanced match, Lugano won the Ticino derby. The Bianconeri dismissed Ambri 4-2 at La Resega. Led 2-0 after 40 minutes, the Luganese managed to turn the situation around. The decisive goal fell from … Reto Suri’s skate who scored while braking. The southernmost club in the country is 7th in the standings.

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