FRENAAA raises a sit-in in the Zócalo; ensures that it is for security measures

After almost two months of being flared in the Plinth From Mexico City, the National Anti-AMLO Front (Frenaaa) decided tonight to “temporarily” lift his camp noting that it is for security measures, and to “renew pressure measures” until achieving, he indicated, the resignation of the president Lopez Obrador, and because “sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice a bishop to checkmate the king.”

“For our safety and for the good of Mexico: we decided to temporarily lift the camp for freedom and justice. The lack of democratic vocation of López (Obrador) and the 4T has been perfectly exposed. With methods and practices more typical of the mafia than of the search for the common good, since September 19, they were in charge of applying all the pressure that could be supposed and much more on us.

“For the love of Mexico, we are willing to resist this and whatever is necessary. Today we temporarily lift the camp, only to strengthen the Great Awakening of Mexico next Saturday, November 21, and to face the new pressure measures with renewed vigor until Lopez resigns from the Presidency.

In a statement, published on its social networks, the organization led by Gilberto Lozano, pointed out that they have suffered increasing violence from the “busters” he accused, they are payments by the government to intimidate and provoke the non-violent citizens of the camp of Frenaaa.

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“It grew to the point that we were forced to request more than three weeks ago from the UN, the OAS, to send international observers, in order to prevent the violence paid for by the government from taking victims in our camp.”

The front asked its members and “to our growing number of supporters” not to be discouraged by this unexpected decision and called for a March the next November 21 from the Monument to the Revolution to the Zócalo.

“We are firmer than ever in our purpose: We will fill the capital’s center next Saturday, November 21, at 10:00 in the morning. It hurts us to leave the Zócalo, but sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice a bishop to checkmate the king ”.

On the morning of September 19, around 1,500 people who are part of the National Anti-AMLO Front (FRENAAA) installed a seedling in the Center of Mexico City to request the resignation of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The protesters came to the Monument to the Revolution around 10:00 hours and they tried to march towards the capital’s Zócalo; however, capital security elements encapsulated them and did not allow them to pass.

Four days later, and after a judge granted free movement protection to the organization, on September 23, the members of FRENAAA They were able to advance and from that day on they settled in the Zócalo.



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