French adventurer Nathan Boleyn walks 2,200 meters in the air and sets a record

French adventurer Nathan Boleyn set a new record by walking a tightrope for more than two kilometers, as Pauline walked a distance of 2,200 meters on a rope suspended between a crane and the famous monastery on the island of Saint-Michel, and according to Agence France-Presse, Pauline did not complete the road completely as He dismounted meters from the end point for “safety reasons”, his escorts said.

Pauline’s spokeswoman, Laura Chang, added that he had reached the stop sign and thus broke the record. Pauline’s journey began at an altitude of about 100 meters late Tuesday afternoon, and took about two hours along the tightrope, which is no more than two centimeters wide.

Pauline set the previous record in 2017, when he crossed 1,662 meters on a rope over the Cirque de Navacelles, a steep valley in southern France.

According to his team, he exceeded this number last year in Sweden, but the trip to Mont-Saint-Michel was the longest.

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