French expatriates will be able to request it this week

Vaccinated abroad, they do not have a QR code necessary to obtain a health pass which will become mandatory to access restaurants and trains from August 9.

They are more than 2.5 million French people living abroad and having been vaccinated in another country. While the health pass is already compulsory to access sporting and cultural venues and will become so from August 9 in trains and restaurants, these French expatriates are having difficulty accessing them. Indeed, their local vaccination certificate does not present the precious QR code necessary to demonstrate their immunity in France.

To respond to their concerns, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for Tourism, questioned by the JDD wanted to be reassuring. For those who wish to return to national soil, they can apply for a health pass “from this week“. It will suffice to send to “dDedicated email addresses, depending on the country » proof of vaccination with an identity document and proof of residence abroad to receive the precious QR code and then his health pass.

Question for unauthorized vaccines

However, this form will only work for vaccines approved by the European Union (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson). Are therefore excluded Sputnik V, Sinovac, Russian and Chinese serums, injected in other countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Argentina and Venezuela for the former. The following one is authorized in 22 countries and territories, in particular in Tunisia, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand or in Turkey.

If the French residing abroad vaccinated with unapproved products will not be able to obtain a health pass immediately, the Secretary of State for Tourism confided to have asked “for scientific experts to assess under what conditions they could be supplemented by vaccination with messenger RNA in France ”. They could thus receive a new injection of another vaccine authorized in the European Union. But this option remains uncertain given the lack of scientific information on the possible compatibility between different vaccines, moreover those which are not approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


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