French fishermen no longer have access to Jersey waters

According to the Normandy regional fisheries committee, fishermen should have a permit allowing them to continue fishing in these waters during a transition period of 120 days.

Norman and Breton fishermen will no longer be able to fish in the territorial waters of Jersey although they had a right of access until May 1, complained on Friday the regional fisheries committee of Normandy.

“This morning Jersey decided to ban” access to its waters for Norman fishermen with a license in the Bay of Granville (which extends to Brittany, editor’s note), called into question by Brexit, says the Regional Committee in a press release referring to a “Trauma for Norman fishing”. Or “It was expected that fishermen with a Bay of Granville license could continue to fish in Jersey waters during a transition period of 120 days”, he continues. Contacted by AFP, the Ministry of the Sea said it had not received any official communication at this stage from Jersey.

According to the Norman regional committee, only 57 ships, including 36 Norman, out of a total of 340 holders of the Bay of Granville license were accepted this Friday by Jersey. Aurélie Leroy, director of the Channel Islands office, justifies this decision by the fact that “The transition period that the Jersey government had put in place for the continuity of access to water has not been recognized by the European Commission”. This transition period is not “not comply” the European Union agreements with the United Kingdom on Brexit, “Jersey cannot help but put in place the fishing licenses now”, she clarified.

10 fishing days per year over the last three years

Under Brexit fishing agreements, French fishermen must now prove that they have fished 10 days per year on average for the past three years in Jersey waters. A transition period had been set up to give French fishermen time, explains Aurélie Leroy. Because while boats equipped with a GPS equivalent can easily prove that they have been in the water, it takes longer for small boats that do not have one.

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Jersey “Recommends sending the documents as soon as possible via the French government, the European Union, the United Kingdom, legal procedure so that the request reaches Jersey”. The Channel Island claims to have “Prepared its teams to issue permits as quickly as possible. In a few hours, these permits can be issued “, said Aurélie Leroy.


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