French Montana releases video inspired by Childish Gambino: A way to fight against sarcasm

The rapper launched his campaign ” they became amnesic ” to defend its repertoire against detractors. Despite criticism and taunts, the rapper still remains unmoved.

Montana at daggers drawn with his audience

Recently, French Montana has been repeatedly the target of sarcasm on the web. At the beginning of the week, a viral tweet had put the rapper in all his forms. One internet user uploaded a photo from Squid Games and tweeted: ” For the next game, you have to name FIVE songs of French Montana without characteristics ”, suggesting that death was the only option. Montana caught wind of this viral tweet and posted a list of his songs, which only increased the controversy. he would have taken the jokes head-on, bragging about his accomplishments and his impact in the rap game.

The rapper later kicked off his campaign “They have amnesia” by sharing the tweets of several fellow rappers as well as fans who praised his repertoire.

But the rapper didn’t stop there, last Wednesday French Montana shared a brief video in which he displayed his admiration for the song. This is America the Childish Gambino. However the only sound the spectators could hear was gunshots. Which suggests that the scene is taken from an upcoming single.

However, the taunts about Montana escalated as the video went viral on social media. And in view of the same and the reactions, the least we can say is that the public has obviously decided to give blues to their rapper.


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