French Overseas Cycling Championship 2023: Updates, News, and Results

2023-06-02 21:19:19

The first round of the Overseas Cycling Championship begins in Bouraké this Saturday, June 3. They are 27 women and 52 men to start for 2 days of racing. Three stages will follow one another: the circuit race, the hill climb and the individual time trial.

[9h00] This is the start of the men for the circuit race from Bouraké. 120 km race over 5 laps.

The men at the start of the race this Saturday morning.

[8h53] In Boulouparis, the weather conditions are ideal this Saturday: little wind, no rain and weather that should remain cool throughout the day..

[8h50] The three Martinican runners Kelianne Jules, Noémie Petris and Béatrice Peronet.

Kelianne Jules on the left, Noémie Petris in the center, and Béatrice Peronet on the right of the Martinique team

[8h45] Patricia Themereau was the first of the New Caledonia selection to arrive this morning in Bouraké.

Patricia Themereau of the women’s selection of New Caledonia.

[8h35] The NC reporter the 1time Martin Charmasson, Laurent Ganet, former Olympic cycling champion and Gérard Salaün, member of the management of the New Caledonia Regional Cycling Committee are on the air until noon.

Laurent Ganet, Martin Charmasson and Gérard Salaün,

[8h31] 52 men will start at 9am. Here is the men’s selection of New Caledonia.

[8h30] 27 women from overseas will take the start at 9:05 am. Here is the women’s selection of New Caledonia.

[8h25] Welcome to the digital live, powered by journalist Noémie Dutertre and the teams of NC la 1time. This one is dedicated to the French overseas cycling championship. From 9 a.m., this Saturday, June 3, the men will set off from Bouraké for the 120 km circuit race. At 9:05 a.m., the women will start for 72 km.

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