French rap, a complicated relationship with her rappers?

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For the first time, the headliner of Hip-Hop Symphonic, Tuesday at Radio House, will be a woman, Chilla, rapper and symbol, too, of the rarity of female headliners in rap. Whose fault is it ?

When we talk about women's rap in France, her name comes back every time: Diam's, it was more than ten years ago. In terms of "big old" still active, we can mention Casey, or Keny Arkana, two other big names in rap. Since then, Diam's is retired, and her example often comes up in the questions we are asking rappers today, like Sianna: "I heard her story, she really had to work for that, four times more than someThe young woman has released an album, Black Diamond, two years ago. She confessed at the time having to fight more than the others.

Some support me in front of the cameras but behind there is not muchSianna

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Striking example: Sianna was the only woman on the big festival Revolution that was to be held in Paris last September, finally canceled. However, women who rape there are many but we do not see them. This is one of the battles of the label La Souterraine, which comes out November 29 a compilation 100% female rap. Many young rappers post freestyles on Instagram, the account Rap2girls in particular, space recognition.

Eloise Button is a journalist. She created the website Madame Rap and organizes concerts, meetings, debates around female rap. And his point is crystal clear.

Rap conveys something very emancipatory for women […] and in France we are still very conservative and reactionaryÉloïse Bouton, Madame Rap

The problem comes from media exposure and record companies, according to her. At Universal Music, the CEO is Olivier Nusse and he has signed Chilla or Shay in recent years: "We dream of having female artists of urban music who can really be successful but above all, and even if we have a responsibility on it, we are here mainly to take bets on artists who are believed to".

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At Universal there is Chilla, who is surely now the headliner. His first album Mun released last July has worked well, it turns a lot and displays millions of views on each of its clips. Two years ago, she had released a piece with the evocative title: #Balancetonporc… but be defined by her kind, very little for her.

It's not with that that I want to sell music, I'm just in a step where I talk about my emotions, I'm sincereChilla

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When we search, we find, it is the message that comes back often. This is for example Ségolène Favre-Cooper, programmer of the MaMA Festival in Paris, who proposed last month a very exciting poster: "There are more and more girls who come with their world, an artistic proposal often apart and in any case very interestingIn his programming this year, there was Lala & ce and Yseult, to name a few.

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As often, it is perhaps in Belgium that you have to go to understand and appreciate the originality of music. There, Blu Samu is one of the most beautiful promises.

When the media and the people make the effort, they will realize that we have always been thereBlu Samu

In all these speakers, one thing is certain: rap is no more misogynistic, in its words, in its philosophy, in its acts, than another genre. The only problem for Eloise Button is that "misogynistic rap is the one that is most promoted and visible in the mainstream media but that does not mean that it is that, and that does not mean that there is nothing else that exists"In the media, in festivals where parity is still a fantasy, all genres combined, in concert halls or freestyle competitions, rappers are there, you just have to want to discover them.

Women in rap, between emergence and invisibilisation

Symphonic Hip-Hop, 4th edition, with Chilla, Rim'K, Ninho, SCH. November 12 at the House of Radio.


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