“French Rescue Teams Save Dozens of Migrants in English Channel – Latest Breaking News”

2023-05-29 07:25:00

Monday, May 29, 2023

The destination was Great Britain French save dozens of people in the English Channel

Thousands of people crossed the English Channel to Britain last year. Many didn’t make it.

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Again, people are setting off in barely seaworthy boats to start a better life in Britain. More than 60 of them have to be brought to safety by French rescue teams from the English Channel.

In two rescue operations off the French coast, 63 people were rescued over the weekend who wanted to cross the English Channel to Great Britain in boats that were hardly seaworthy. According to the French authorities, the Gris Nez sea rescue center coordinated two operations in the waters off Pas-de-Calais on Sunday night.

A boat whose engine fell into the water was helped by a ship belonging to the National Sea Rescue Society, which brought 46 people ashore, authorities said. Another ship, which had only been chartered in April to reinforce search and rescue operations, meanwhile took 17 shipwrecked people off Oye-Plage on board.

Proceedings for failure to provide assistance

Just a few days earlier in France, five soldiers had been accused by the judiciary of failure to provide assistance in connection with the death of 27 migrants when their rubber boat sank in the English Channel at the end of 2021.

At the time of the accident, the three soldiers were working at the Gris Nez sea rescue center, which is responsible for salvage operations in the English Channel.

Last year, around 46,000 asylum seekers crossed the English Channel, most of them from Afghanistan, Iran and Albania. Around 8,000 people have been rescued in French waters so far.

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