Friborg Hospital (HFR) announces new board of directors and key management appointments

2023-06-03 02:37:04

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Published on 03.06.2023

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HFR » The Friborg Hospital (HFR) has completed its board of directors, reports a press release. Nathalie Tercier has been in charge of finance since June 1 and Sven Penelle will take over as information systems manager on September 1. Both know the HFR well.

Nathalie Tercier has been interim financial director since May 2022. The 48-year-old Gruérienne contributed to the last financial year, which ended with the best annual result since 2015. She started at HFR in 2021 as head of management control financial. Previously, she held a similar position at the Fondation de Nant, which brings together all public psychiatric care in the east of Vaud.

The direction operations and that of information systems formed a single position, under the responsibility of Stéphane Brand, until today. But this dual function is no longer compatible with the evolution of the two fields, explains the HFR. Sven Penelle will therefore occupy a newly created position.

Between March 2021 and June 2022, he assumed the function of business and information system manager at the HFR, then he was hired as a business architect for the Federation of Vaud Computer Hospitals. Sven Penelle will notably have to oversee the exit of the HFR from SITel (State IT and telecommunications service). Dominique meylan

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