Friday Magazine | 3 reasons to give “The Goop Lab” a chance

Some love, others hate: Gwyneth Paltrow. Of course, the actress has Hot guys like Brad Pitt gedatet, an Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love” won and always seems to live a perfect life. Then in 2008 she also has that Wellness website Goop including an online shop, the value of which is now around $ 250 millionr is estimated. Unfair? Maybe. Maybe not.

Because one thing is clear: Gwynnie or GP, as it is now called, has a nose for things Zeitgeist far ahead. Even if some hyped her Treatments like bee stings for flawless skin or Jade eggs to balance hormone levels absolutely controversial are taken from her Mission for self empowerment actually starting.

Protected against possible lawsuits

At least after streaming “The Goop Lab” on Netflix, a six-part series in which her team alternative anti-stress and healing methods like cold therapy or psychedelic mushrooms tests – and learns how women really get to orgasm. Secured against possible lawsuits By the way, GP also has: Because the following appears before each episode Disclaimer: “That series does not replace professional advice by a doctor. Always consult your doctor on health issues “.

Take a look at the “Goop Lab” it’s worth it – for these three reasons:

The third episode of “The Goop Lab” is called “The pleasure is all mine” and deals extensively with female lust. Exciting: Gwyneth Paltrow speaks with the 90-year-old sex educator Betty Dodson, the GP makes it clear what the difference between the vagina and the vulva is. Or that the clitoris is not just the clitoris. Rather, it is the clitoris a relatively large, internal genital organ with up to 8000 nerve endings – According to Dodson, that’s more than a penis. In addition, this episode does away with the assumption (especially promoted by porn) that something is wrong with us women if we cannot come through simple penetration. absolute Wow moment: Betty’s assistant Carlin Ross shows her vulva in close up and can be filmed, like yourself to one orgasm brings.

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If Burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, sleep paralysis or post-traumatic stress: If you listen to “The Goop Lab”, you might think that Gwyneth Paltrow is crazy. But just: you could! Because, like us, GP knows that this Prejudice especially with the still existing stigma has to do. Even today, it is very difficult for very few people to inform their friends – or even worse: their work colleagues – if there is one themselves mental illness was diagnosed. Because in our society mental illnesses often still equated with weakness. Broadcast formats such as “The Goop Lab” address and address these issues clearly courage, Even if healing methods like psychedelic mushrooms (episode 1) do not replace psychotherapy, GP encourages with all approaches shown on Netflix Thinking about, And especially about not being ashamed of ourselves if we are not feeling well.

Granted that with the cold shower we’ve heard it before. And also the one featured in the second episode Wim Hof ​​Method – a combination of a special breathing technique and cold, which is supposed to strengthen the immune system – is nothing brand new. Nevertheless, it is impressive to see how the Goop employees are half-naked together with Wim Hof ​​himself at minus degrees Do yoga outside on Lake Tahoe. And later jump into ice cold water. Particularly exciting: One of the Goop employees, the executive editor Kate Wolfson, suffers from an anxiety disorder. And since her experience with the Dutchman Wim she has no further panic attack experienced.


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