Entertainment Friday Magazine | Now stars stand by their gray...

Friday Magazine | Now stars stand by their gray hair


On yesterday SAG Awards in Los Angeles Charlize Theron on the one hand with her outfit: The actress wore haute couture Givenchy two-piece look, consisting of one Glitter Top and a black one High waist jupe with slit – very feminine and modern. But caused even more excitement Charlizes hairstyle. The 44-year-old not only wore very confidently a dark gray hairline, she even put it with one sparkling tiffany chain in scene.

Charlize Theron has 2019 hair technology Tried pretty much everything: from blonde to black and from long to short, When asked about her hair color in interviews, she repeatedly admits that she would be pretty gray without hair coloring. In an interview on the red carpet, she said about her look at the SAG Awards: “I didn’t have time to color my approach.” That’s why she improvised without further ado, adorned her approach with the chain and made the look look as if it had been planned from the start.

Charlize isn’t the only one that caused a stir with gray hair this month: both Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchett showed up with gray highlights on the red carpet.

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It’s on Instagram “Grombre” look (a mixture of “Gray” and “Ombré”) for a long time Theme. That the gray hair is now on the Red carpet arrived are a bit surprising, Gabs I am only a few actorsthat to their gray hair stood. All the better that now apparently a rethink takes place.



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