Friends, chemo does not stop Cassandra’s dream

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Friends of Maria De Filippi, Cassandra’s Skype audition excites the web: the young woman sings from the hospital in Naples, the chemo does not stop her dream.

Source: Youtube @antimocapasso

The world of the web was speechless in front of Cassandra’s vocal power, the young woman with her voice enchants those who are looking at her to the point that, for a moment, it is easy to forget that the 21-year-old is singing from a hospital room.

The young Neapolitan does not let herself stop from illness and from the Cardarelli Hospital of Naples he sings a song by Alicia Keys, this time, however, he doesn’t do it out of passion: his dream is to participate in Friends of Maria De Filippi and he seems to have all the credentials to take part in the well-known talent.

Friends, chemo doesn’t stop Cassandra’s audition

Three minutes, the time it takes Cassandra has brought us into his world, made of talent but also of dark and dark moments, such as that of the disease who is living, the young woman who dreams of participating in Friends in fact she is forced to hospital.

Last January the 21-year-old Neapolitan discovered one lymphatic gland swollen on the neck: “At the beginning I didn’t give it much weight” the young woman admitted, only to realize the significant increase in swelling that convinced her to seek medical attention.

After having undergone several checkups and specific tests, the girl found out she had the leukemia. A terrible diagnosis that radically changed his life in a few days: “I started immediately with the hospitalizations and the chemotherapy cycles.” reports The “At the beginning I was a lot frightened, it was all new and I think nobody feels ready to face such a cure. “

But his determination and the desire to make the dream come true are stronger than his illness and, despite everything he is going through, he has never lost his passion and hope: “I have always tried to face everything by staying positive, not only for myself, also for those who love me.”

Cassandra has been singing since the age of 12 and has found her life force in music. During the treatment she discovered that she had been selected for an audition for Amici di Maria De Filippi, she had in fact applied for months before finding out about her illness.

“That was the only real moment of despair, because for me it was an important goal” Cassandra revealed, fearing that she had lost her opportunity, thanks to one of her nurses, however, who picked her up while singing in the hospital, she was soon contacted by the editorial staff of the talent who granted her a try via Skype.

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