‘Frikandel special’ girl gets matching wine from date in LLDL

At first it seems to click between the two, but what Maarten does not know at that time is that the dental assistant does not need an extensive dinner with a matching wine for each course. “Order a frikandel special”, she orders him when he asks about her wishes for dinner.

Maarten does not shy away from the challenge. Not only does he try to serve a special frikandel that wouldn’t look out of place as a starter in a five-star restaurant, the sommelier even finds a wine to match. “This is a German wine,” he explains. You can see how the conversation then gets a crazy twist in the clip below.

As a viewer, you may already feel it coming: this match will come to nothing. Despite Monique insulting her date’s expensive organic wine by calling it ‘ladybug pee’, Maarten wants to renew. Unfortunately for him, Monique thinks very differently and she shows him the door. After the friendly date, she only wants one thing: to return home.

Long Live Love XL airs every Monday at 9.30pm on SBS6.

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