From bed, Karely Ruiz melts the net with a tight latex mini dress

Karely Ruiz He has captured the attention on social networks in the last hours because he published a video with which he demonstrated why he is considered one of the greatest sex symbols of the moment, as it turns out that The OnlyFans influencer and model caused more than one sigh wearing a risky latex look from bed, Therefore, as expected, the daring images caused a stir among her fans, who without hesitation turned to flattery for the former collaborator of “Es Show”.

It was through his official Instagram profile where Karely Ruiz made the publication in question and the objective of said photographs and videos was only delight the pupil of the more than eight million followers that it has on the aforementioned platform, in which, it is quite a phenomenon because it is there where it recurrently promotes its exclusive OnlyFans content.

As mentioned before, for these recordings and photographs, Karely Ruiz posed leaning on her fame and assured that, although she did not feel physically well, she never lost her glamor or stopped looking overwhelmingly sensual, because in one of the videos she said “I look good bitch and everything, but I’m destroyed”However, even so, he exuded sensuality.

The outfit in question with which Karely Ruiz caused dozens of sighs had as its main element a black latex mini dress, which, It was extremely tight and tied with shoelaces as if it were a corset.In addition, it was extremely short and low-cut, which is why said garment allowed the influencer to exude sensuality at all times, in addition, in the images it was possible to see that she was also wearing a pair of long latex boots that reached to slightly below the knee and that made her look even more sensual.

Karely Ruiz caused more than one sigh among her fans. Photo: IG: karelyruiz

Despite the fact that these burning images of Karely Ruiz were disseminated through the stories of his official Instagram profile, it did not take long for his posts to be replicated on other platforms and pages managed by his fans where the compliments for the OnlyFans star did not wait and they began to arrive by the dozens.

“You are a Goddess”, “Simply perfect”, “Every day more beautiful”, “Precious”, “Cool woman”, “What a great body!”, “A real sweetie” and “The most beautiful of all” were some of the compliments he received Karely Ruizwho just a few days ago had to leave his native Monterrey to move to Mexico City where he intends to give a new impetus to his career as he confessed that he has different projects on the horizon with which he intends to cause a revolution within the industry of entertainment and although not much is known about these new ventures, it is expected that in the next few days she herself will reveal what she plans to do for the rest of 2023.


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