From “Borgen” to “Black Baron”, a book of decryption of political series, mirrors of reality

Delivered. Calculations, intrigues, symbolic murders and rebirths … political series may well be built on classic dramatic springs, they are enjoying growing success. Do these contemporary chronologies tell our expectations? What vision do they give of our political staff? This is what attempts to answer a collective work of researchers in political science and sociologists who have made their field of observation. Coordinated by political scientists Rémi Lefebvre and Emmanuel Taïeb, it is a fascinating dive into our imagination and our expectations.

Black baron, Bail, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The Walking Deads, The Handmaid’s Tale…, The production of political soap operas has exploded for ten years. These key films are not only objects of entertainment, but also mirrors of reality and, in so doing, they encourage a process of politicization of the citizen, explain the two researchers in their introduction. In their own way, they offered new material for the social sciences.

Passionate debates on social networks

Each author has looked, from his specialty – history of ideas, recomposition of the Socialist Party, popular education federations, political journalism, gender issues and violence in politics – on a fiction as a document of real life. The wealth of contributions shows the diversity of approaches to these productions, some bordering on dystopia, others police investigation or even burlesque. But all of them transform as much as they relate politics and thus become a “Discussion arena”.

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The passionate debates between aficionados of Black baron attest: the opinions on the resemblance between Michel Vidal (François Morel) and Jean-Luc Mélenchon animated the family meals, while the exchanges on the credibility of the emergence of a candidacy “yellow vests” like that of Christophe The series Mercier – a teacher who defends the draw for the people’s representatives – inflamed social networks. Rémi Lefebvre says that socialist parliamentarians had questioned the co-creator of the French series, Eric Benzekri, on the measures he had debated in his different seasons. And that in Spain, the leaders of Podemos and Irene Montero, the equality minister in the Sanchez government, had been enthusiastic about his vision of party activism.

“Watching a series means getting informed, politicizing, developing forms of reflexivity, and therefore participating in and political life”, specify the authors

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