From Cienfuegos to outsourcing 2020/11/19

November 19, 2020

The negotiation made by the federal government, through the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard and the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero, to achieve the return of the general Salvador Cienfuegos, was exemplary. It has been said that the government should not be congratulated for this, but I believe that, this time, it should be so: the accusation against the former Secretary of Defense was implausible, it was an attack on the Mexican State and particularly on the Army. The management of General Cienfuegos at the head of the Defense can be questioned, but never, in a career of 54 years, had he had complaints, not even rumors, of relation to organized crime.

Let’s see how this story is processed with the next return of Hundred fires to Mexico, but it is very important that the FGR, after investigating the case and reviewing the information sent to it from the United States, not only clarifies what happened, but also that the former Secretary of Defense be declared innocent, clear your name and that of an institution, the Mexican Army, which is, in many ways, exemplary and one of the main supports of the State.

But, at the same time that there are successes such as the diplomatic management in the Cienfuegos case, there are disconcerting decisions. On Tuesday, the president Lopez Obrador assured that “any subcontracting scheme (outsourcing) that exists in the federal government will be eliminated, since it does not benefit the workers ”. Immediately afterwards he said that he “had no information” that there was outsourcing in the federal government, but that “everything that may exist from outsourcing is eliminated in the government.”

In other words, the President decided to eliminate the outsourcing in government without knowing if it is used or not and, therefore, without knowing what the consequences of doing so would have. In the government there are thousands and thousands of workers who work under subcontracting schemes, their disappearance will be, budgetary, very costly for the federal administration itself and will not benefit the workers, the government and the private initiative, since they could even be lost. about four million jobs if the law is voted as drafted by the Secretary of Labor, Luisa Maria Mayor, and sent by the President to Congress.

With the outsourcing abuses have been committed and must be eliminated. And of course you must legislate about it. But, instead of cleaning what has to be cleaned, reformed and corrected, what is done is to disappear from institutions to labor mechanisms to see later what is done with them or how they are replaced, without taking into account the consequences. This has happened with the supply and production of medicines, with vaccines, with health, with nurseries, with trusts, with violence against women and with public security. Disappearing outsourcing and at one stroke legally equating it with organized crime will be a shot in the foot of the government itself.

Today, the federal government has agreements for five billion pesos with a dozen companies dedicated to subcontracting. According to an investigation published weeks ago by Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity, the Banco del Bienestar is the federal agency that has spent the most money on hiring companies from outsourcing. He paid 408 million pesos in 2019 and so far in 2020 the amount has risen to 463 million.

Along with the Banco del Bienestar, the other federal agency that most relies on outsourcing It is the Ministry of Finance, which, through a contract valid from August 2019 to December 2020, will pay 670 million pesos for the subcontracting of almost a thousand employees who attend to agricultural financing. Online education services and scholarship administration were also delegated to companies from outsourcing.

The contracts have been given in practically all areas of the federal government: in the ministries of Welfare, Economy, Foreign Relations, Navy, Sedena, Culture and Education, as well as in Bancomext, Nacional Financiera, Banobras, the INEA and in research centers .

We insist: there are abuses and very serious ones in outsourcing systems, but what you have to do is regulate them, make the companies that use them comply with their obligations, pay taxes, and protect workers. And how good that legislation is in this regard. But kill him outsourcing It will have very serious consequences for companies and workers, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost, operating costs will increase and, above all, the underground and informal economy: that which employs half of Mexicans who do not pay taxes and who it seems to be, paradoxically, much more protected than the formal one.

For now, it should be remembered that if the federal government stays overnight without subcontracting, it would be generated, as specified by the Ministry of Welfare in one of its contracts of outsourcing, a “very high negative social, economic and financial impact, coupled with the fact that it could result in a lack of credibility in the current government, since one of its main guiding principles is the delivery of resources from social programs.” And that delivery is outsourced.

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