From fearsome to simple, Lamar Jackson’s free fall and the Ravens offense

At this point in 2019, Baltimore was overwhelming the rest of the AFC, but this season the story is very different.

OWINGS MILLS – When Baltimore receive the Tennessee Titans Sunday, it will be the revenge of one of the most painful defeats of the Ravens in the postseason.

It is also the time when Lamar Jackson and the Los Angeles offense Ravens They went from being unstoppable to falling apart.

Before the playoffs last season, Baltimore he was tearing down defenses, averaging the most offensive points (30.4) and the second largest amount of yards (407.6) per game. After being stopped by the Titans, in their 28-12 loss in the playoffs, the Ravens they have not been the same offensive electrical power to position N ° 16 in offensive points Scored (24.0) and No. 22 in yards (348.1), slightly past the midpoint this season.

Baltimore (6-3) still in position for a third straight trip to the playoffs, but his inconsistencies to the offensive They put questions about this once popular pick to make it to the Super Bowl. In last Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots, the Ravens they were capped at 17 points, their fewest in Jackson’s 31 regular-season starts.

Injuries, lack of execution and penalties, as well as personnel decisions have led to a sudden and unexpected decline, which has now become part of the discussion in the world of American football.

“They don’t do anything right,” said the former NFL quarterback and current NFL analyst. ESPN, Dan Orlovsky, on the Mike Greenberg podcast. “They don’t even run that well with the ball anymore. Their passing game has no rhythm or reason. The funny thing is that last year I remember saying, ‘All the defensive coordinators and the defenses go to that game afraid of playing against them. Ravens because they have no idea what to do. ‘ This year, no defensive coordinator is afraid to play them because they are simple. “

Some of the problems have been out of the control of Baltimore. Since the end of last season, the Ravens lost their best offensive lineman (guard Marshal Yanda to retirement), their best pass protector (All-Pro left tackle Ronnie Stanley suffered an ankle injury that ended his season earlier this month) and a standout blocker for the running game (tight end Nick Boyle suffered a season-ending knee injury Sunday). The line offensive, who had two different starting lineups throughout last season, will use his fifth combination of the season on Sunday.

Other problems have focused on the more fundamental aspects of the game. Centering the ball and lining up correctly cannot be taken for granted. Baltimore he has been punished for illegal training six times for not having enough players on the line of scrimmage. In total, Ravens they have committed 22 offensive penalties since Week 4 (six games), the second most in the NFL.

Much of the offensive problems have fallen on offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Jackson made headlines last week when he indicated on the “Rich Eisen Show” that defenders were guessing the plays of the Ravens on the line of scrimmage.

The head coach of the RavensJohn Harbaugh defended Roman when asked how much of the blame falls on the man in charge of calling the plays to the offensive.

“Greg Roman is a proven coach, like all of our coaches, and they are working hard,” Harbaugh said. “They are working hard as well as the players, to do well and score as many points as possible. So we will continue to do it. The exterior, the criticism, whatever, it’s just that, we understand it, and you just have to go down. the head, do the work and try to improve. It’s a long season in this league. So, opinions come and go, everyone has them, that’s how you have to categorize it and leave it at that. “

The difficulties of Ravens to offensive they go beyond coaches and players. Management focused most of its biggest moves on defense, trading defensive end Calais Campbell and pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue and using its first-round draft pick on linebacker Patrick Queen. Meanwhile, other young quarterbacks received No. 1 wide receivers this offseason. The Arizona Cardinals got DeAndre Hopkins for Kyler Murray and the Buffalo Bills got Stefon Diggs for Josh Allen.

So that the offensive from Baltimore evolve, the analyst of ESPNSteve Young believes Ravens they should allow Jackson to take the next step as a passer.

“A fundamental change has to occur in this offensive“Young pointed out.” Look at the Cardinals. See what they are doing to the offensive. Just copy that. The explosiveness of the air attack and carries. They have won many games. They have won the Most Valuable Player award, but they won’t win Super Bowls with this offensive. And Lamar is not going to progress. He is much more talented than he is showing today. But they are not asking you to do so. For me, they have to change. “

The hardest games left to the Ravens in season they occur within five days. Baltimore receives the Titans (6-3) on Sunday and travels to visit the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0) on Thanksgiving.

In Jackson’s recent meetings against those defenses, he has committed a total of seven turnovers (four interceptions and three fumbles).

Can this offensive from Baltimore get back to where you were last season?

“It’s not a simple kind of process, that’s why it’s not easy,” Harbaugh said. “I think that’s what makes it so interesting. The process will remain the same as ever. We will work on that, decide what plays and decide which players based on who we play against and what we can do well. So we will continue to practice those things. to try to be competent in the execution, especially under pressure. It takes a lot of work. If you look around the league, you’ll see. So that’s what we’ll be doing. “


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