From “God Trout” to “Super God Trout”: Talking about the continuous evolution of Mike Trout-MLB-Baseball

Mike Trout has evolved again!

Trout, who has won three Midland MVP awards, is unstoppable in the opening season of this year. Not only did he deliver super-mad hitting results in April, he also evolved into the most efficient hitter. Think about it, he already has a very high level, and if you continue to evolve, you have to!

Teammate “Bioman” Albert Pujols also praised: “He never takes good performance for granted. Even though he has been on the court for almost ten years, he still keeps asking questions. He will come to ask me and face The next pitcher, what do I have to teach him. This is what makes him special, and what makes him terrible. He always wants to be better.”

Mike Trout’s wRC+ is at least 62% higher than the league average every year. So far, there has not been any complete season lower than this. Even Pujols, who won three MVPs with the Cardinals at the time and was on the peak, failed to do it. In the first 69 hits this year, Trout even delivered an amazing performance of 0.420.

The ten-year offensive data of his major league career is actually in line with the development of traditional players. All these have allowed him to have such extraordinary achievements, and his long-term and stable performance has also allowed him to sit firmly on the throne of “the strongest right hitter”, leaving other competitors severely behind.

In the early days of the major leagues, Mike Trout used his fast legs to gain a speed advantage. Next, he turned into a powerful hitter. Although the number of strikeouts increased, he succeeded in winning the first MVP in the 2014 season.

Next, he started to play the ball eye and became more patient in the strike zone. During that period, about one-fifth of his seats were sent. After he was 28 years old, he combined the two elements of strong play and patience to become the best master cannon.

Since the beginning of the 2019 season, his rate of flying balls has increased rapidly. That year he even had the opportunity to achieve his first single-season feat of 50 bombs, but he was reimbursed early due to a foot injury. However, Trout still won the second highest of the American League with 45 bangs and won the American League MVP.

Although Trout claimed that he did not change his attacking posture because he had to deliberately raise the ball, he just happened to hit more and more flying balls, but the statistics show that his shot quality is quite excellent, every time he hits the ball. They are all very efficient.

The following is Mike Trout’s batting data:

*Table data is as of April 30.

Various periods


Average muzzle velocity

(Unit: mph)

Strong hit ratio

(Proportion of shots with a muzzle velocity above 95 miles)

Fly rate

Pull rate


(Expected weighted up base rate)


Young age


No material

No material



No material


Swipe time








Patient period








Efficiency period








Trout’s performance in the 2020 shrinking season can be said to be “unsatisfactory”, even if his OPS (Overall Attack Index) is as high as 0.993, and even ranked fifth in the MVP vote. However, his wRC+ is only 162, his lowest ever in a “complete” season.

Last season, he thought his swing was weird and struggled with every blow. He found that this problem stems from the timing of his shot and the incomplete swing because he strode too inside. Later, he also solved this problem smoothly.

Part of the solution came from the “Shohei Training Method” designed by the Angel Strike Coaching Team. It was originally designed to allow Otani Shohei to solve the problem of swinging his body and taking too much stride when swinging his baton.

Regaining the feel of swinging “God Trout” Mike Trout: The problem has been found

Mike Trout explained to the “Shohei Training Method” in March: “The purpose of this training method is to prevent me from stepping inside when I swing. Shohei Otani’s situation is very similar to me. He will also go inside when he swings. Turning too much, causing the body to be stuck.”

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