From January 1st, if you buy a new bike, it will have to bear a “unique identifier”

Deterring thieves. As of January 1, 2021, new bicycles sold in stores must bear a “unique identifier” to which the owner’s contact details will be attached, in order to fight against theft but also to find the owners when the bicycle reappears.

“Beyond the dissuasive effect, the police who will be equipped and trained to consult the national file will be able to contact the owner directly when a bicycle is found”, indicate in a press release the ministries of Interior and Ecological Transition.

This obligation, by virtue of the decree of November 23, 2020 “relating to the identification of cycles”, will come into force on January 1 for new vehicles, and on July 1, 2021 for used vehicles sold in stores.

300,000 households victims of bicycle theft each year

This identification – the file of which will be managed by the Association for the Promotion of Cycle Identification (APIC) – will also be possible for sales between individuals. The exact terms of identification have not been specified.

VIDEO. How I found my stolen bike

Theft, it is indicated in the press release, “is one of the main recognized brakes on cycling” which exploded with the Coronavirus crisis. The cycle market should thus grow by 15% in value in 2020, after + 10% in 2019, according to a study by the Xerfi firm.

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It is estimated that 300,000 households are victims of bicycle theft each year.

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