From Maung to Esemka, here are the rows of domestically produced cars

KOMPAS.COM – The ‘Maung’ tactical car assembled by PT Pindad has begun to be seen by the public.

In fact, the elected Regent of Jember, Hendy Siswanto, has purchased the operational vehicle for Rp. 600 million.

From the news on on Tuesday (16/2), PT Pindad’s Quality Inspector, Suriyadi, said that Hendy was the first regent to buy Maung’s car.

“Haji Hendy is the first regent in Indonesia to buy a car Maung Pindad, “he said.

Maung specifications This civilian version of the 4×4 is indeed tough enough for difficult terrain.

Maung has a carrying capacity of four people with a 4-Cylinder Turbo Diesel engine, 16 Valve DOHC, six-speed manual transmission, diesel fuel and 2,494 cc cylinder contents.

It also has independent front suspension, coilover shock, link arm; rigid rear suspension, coilover shock, four link arm; and the R17 rim.

Safe speed of 120 kilometers per hour, turning radius of 13.7 meters, incline power of 60 percent (31 degrees), slope of 30 percent (17 degrees), mileage of 800 kilometers and 80 liters of fuel.

Apart from Maung, there are many other domestic car lines.

Esemka cars were assembled by PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi. The factory is in Boyolali Regency, Central Java, and was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in 2019.

Products that have been launched are commercial transportation vehicles, namely BIMA 1.2 and BIMA 1.3.

Esemka’s history is also inseparable from Esemka Digdaya and Kiat Esemka who had become President Joko Widodo’s official car when he was Mayor of Surakarta.

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2. FIN Komodo

FIN Komodo is a vehicle off-road type cruiser which is a production from PT FIN Komodo Teknologi in Cimahi, West Java.

Its newest product is KD 250 X, which is the fifth generation of FIN Komodo. With a strong frame and a lightweight body, FIN can be used even in extreme terrain.

3. AMMDes

AMMDes or Rural Multipurpose Mechanical Tool itself is more of a vehicle that has many uses or functions that help farmers work.

The vehicle made by PT Kreasi Mandiri Wintor Indonesia (KMWI) and the collaboration of the Ministry of Industry in 2018 has many applications.

Some of them, AMMDes with water purification applications, rice or corn thresher applications, rice polisher, rice selep, coffee processing, post-harvest bananas, generators, water pumps, ice makers, ambulance feeders, and 3 way bin doors.

AMMDes continues to be developed. This village car even has a lot of orders and is exported to the African continent.

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4. Gea

From the news of (18/1/2010), GEA which stands for Rolling Alternative Energy is a passenger car produced by PT Industri Kereta Api or INKA.

Gea engine with a capacity of 500 cc with two cylinders developed by BPPT and can operate for 100 hours non-stop.

Gea implemented Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology starting mid-2010, and the local content reached 98 percent.

However, unfortunately these vehicles are no longer being developed.

5. Timor

Timor cars were widely known in the 90s. This car was pioneered in 1996 by PT Timor Putra Nasional.

President Soeharto rolled out a plan to build a national car industry in accordance with Presidential Instruction No. 2/1996, which gave Timor.

Timor was also sued by the owner of another major world automotive industry through the WTO and lost, along with the monetary crisis in Indonesia.

6. Morina

Morina stands for Mobil Rakyat Indonesia and was produced by PT Garmak Motor in 1976.

The components of this car are mostly made from within the country.

However, Morina has weaknesses such as an engine that is not suitable for heavy work, tropical and hot weather, so this car dies in the market.

7. Deer

This car was produced by PT Karunia Abadi Niaga Citra Indah Lestari in 1999. Production reached 125 units and has passed the Ministry of Transportation’s feasibility test.

Its existence was originally to replace the bajaj transportation in Jakarta.

8. Maleo

Maleo is a car pioneered in 1993 by the Nusantara Aircraft Industry (IPTN) and was seriously developed in 1996.

The sedan-shaped car has dimensions of length 3,520 mm, height and 1,380 mm wheelbase 2,270 mm. The engine has a capacity of 1200 cc, 3-cylinder.

The Maelo prototype at that time was predicted to be launched in 1997, but then never reached the production stage.


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