from playing for Barça to a police problem in Barcelona

Surely many fans do not remember the passage of Samardo Samuels for Barça. The Jamaican center, who had played in the NBA with Cleveland and had performed at a good level with the Armani Milan In the Euroleague, it’s not that he left much of a mark in the year he played at the Palau. Now its name is well known by the Barcelona Urban Guard. The player, after terminating his contract with his last team, has been in Barcelona for a month, a period of time in which he has already starred in several altercations with municipal officials.

The last was on Tuesday, when several troops from Mossos and Guardia Urbana They had to move because Samuels, 31 years old, 2.04 and 120 kilos, was driving his BMW along the Barceloneta promenade, where cars cannot go. He was without a passport, identity card, driver’s license, or insurance. The center, according to police sources, frequents this area and the Raval, where he has been involved in several incidents, has confiscated the marijuana he was consuming and has been denounced for threats. He sleeps many nights in his Porsche, with broken glass because he says he does not have the key to it, that he has parked in a parking lot, from which they explain to this newspaper that there has been no problem there.

Samuels signed for Barça in 2015, backed by two very good seasons in Milan, where he averaged 14 points and 6.4 rebounds in the 2014-15 season. However, their performance at the Palau was well below those numbers (6 points and 2.8 rebounds in the Euroleague) so, although they had one more year on their contract, the Barça team did without their services after that disappointing first season.

Indisciplines in Betis, Partizan, Panionios and Limoges

A year later, in August 2017, Betis opened the door for him to return to the ACB League, where it lasted a month and he did not play an official match after a confrontation with the Verdiblanco coach, Alejandro Martinez, which the same player posted on Instagram. “I know you don’t speak English very well but ask your second (coach), you knew it when I decided not to play the second part of the training match, learn to speak, you don’t train dogs.” When released, the Partizan of Belgrade He offered him an opportunity in October of that year but history repeated itself and a month later he was kicked out for an Instagram post in which he criticized his coach, Miroslav Nikolic, and made a macho comment about a journalist.

“All these stories have hurt me and made it very difficult for me to find a contract. They have put a label on me – he explained on the French website ‘BeBasket’. Sevilla and Partizan have destroyed my reputation and all the work I had done. It is unfair because I have taken none of these two jobs. I have not received a single cent from Seville or Partizan. It is frustrating to find myself watching games on television because these two clubs, who had no intention of building a future with me, have ruined my reputation. ”

At Limoges, despite his good start suggesting that disciplinary problems were behind him, he would relapse, being suspended after facing the coach, Kyle Milling. Cut by the French team last summer, he went to Panionios, where on January 25 he threatened not to play the second half against Rethymno if he was not paid the money that was owed him; a month later he was leaving Greece to sign with Chorale Roanne. After the coronavirus pandemic forced the definitive suspension of the French League in March, the club decided not to renew his contract. Without a team, a month ago he headed to Barcelona, ​​where police sources show their concern for his condition.


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