from Roosevelt to Rosa Parks

Invested January 20, 46e President of the United States took up residence in the Oval Office, putting his predecessor’s decoration in the closet to install portraits and statues more to his liking. Guided tour.

If the Oval Office “Remains the same” whatever the tenant, “What we find inside reflects the priorities of the new president”, valued NBC News. The American channel was treated to a guided tour, accompanied by Ashley Williams, deputy director of operations for the famous office.

Joe Biden, inaugurated president on January 20, “Surrounded himself with a gallery of portraits of great American heroes”, Explain NBC, among which “A massive portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who pulled the country out of crisis twice”, after the crash of 1929, which gave rise to the Great Depression, but also during a new recession, in 1937.

There are also paintings bearing the effigy of Benjamin Franklin, “To underline the president’s desire to respect science”, but also two “Great adversaries” historical figures, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, who defended opposing visions of the United States when they were founded, after the Declaration of Independence of 1776. These two portraits hang next to each other, as a reminder “The importance of the plurality of opinions in a democracy”, details the chain.

On either side of the president’s office have been installed statues representing “Two icons of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks”.

Occupant “a place of choice” just behind the presidential office, there is also a statue of the Latin American activist César Chávez, of Mexican origin, who led peasant struggles in the 1960s in California. New president’s decoration aims to send a message, says Ashley Williams “Turned towards the American people”, evoking “The diversity of experiences, resilience and future prospects for the United States”.

Objects chosen by President Trump were removed from the room, including a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, associated with the conquest of the West, but also responsible for the deportation. tens of thousands of Indians. The flags of the various branches of the US military have also disappeared from the Oval Office.

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