From the equality of the moment

FEarly in the morning, when the waves slowly wake up and roll over the sand, when the tide rises slowly again and its lost children – all the mussels, crabs and jellyfish – then you walk past the small beach houses in the rising sun and see through the windows, like old ladies in bathrobes sitting at the table and eating pickled salmon. See how the wind blows over the dunes and rocks the sleepy blades of grass. See how the fishing boats wobble impatiently in the mudflats and urge them to finally move forward again.

The small holiday colony “Lystrup Strand”, located in the north of the Danish Djursland peninsula, is not just an insider tip. It is a place that exudes so much kindness and tranquility, so much serenity and duration that you are strengthened here as if during a cure. Strengthened by the friendly greeting from the neighbors, strengthened by the playful cloudy sky, but of course strengthened above all by the view of the wide sea that swallows all disasters. After all these months in the narrow four walls, you have to get used to this moving infinity again. In the front of the dunes there are stairs leading down to the beach, but basically it’s better to look out over the sea than try to swim in it. Only children can bathe here perfectly, everyone else only runs up to their knees in the water for minutes and waits in vain for the ground to sink.

What makes “Lystrup Strand” so pleasant is the equality of the view. All houses are in the first row, no competition, no trumping is necessary. The egalitarian claim also extends to the architecture: all houses are more or less the same size, have flat roofs and wide window facades facing the sea and a front garden where you can sit in the evening, smoke the grill and relax with a glass in hand can feel chosen.

Everything is focused on the windows

The house at the very end of the small coastal road can be rented through Airbnb. The keys are hidden in a secret place, the wood is already in the Swedish stove, the back wall is painted with sea motifs, and the trampoline is waiting for exuberant children. As small and oppressive as the house looks at first glance from the inside, it becomes cozy and comfortable during the course of your stay: the proximity to the sea makes you feel generous in the end, even the tightness of the mattress store under the roof. Because everything concentrates only on the window facade anyway – as transparent as the lifestyle becomes, you will soon greet the neighbors strolling past from the breakfast table with pride.


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