“From the first day I left Girona, I thought about what the game of my return to Fontajau would be like”

The former Uni Girona captain will return to Fontajau for the first time this Sunday playing with Gernika, alongside Brazilian Nadia Colhado, in a match that will be very special for a player much appreciated by Girona fans. “I was in Girona for four and a half years in Valencia, but I wanted more prominence and here in Gernika things are going very well and it is an ambitious project that wants to fight with the big ones”, explains the Mataró escort.

In January he changed Girona for Valencia and is now in Gernika. The adventure of changing your mind?

I was there for four years, half in Valencia and I wanted more prominence and here in Gernika things are going well. It’s a team struggling to win the big ones and it’s nice for the players to be in an ambitious club. I’m enjoying Gernika and I’m really looking forward to continuing to grow as a player.

Prominence has been one of the first words. Looking to be happy playing more minutes?

Obviously I was also super happy in Girona, I also had my minutes and my moments. But it is true that Girona is always looking to make very competitive teams, signing stars, and my role was the same even as the years passed and I was even losing prominence. I’m 28 now, I feel like a fuller, more mature player, and I really want to have more minutes and feel more important. But also everything I am doing now is thanks to what I learned in Girona training day by day with such good players.

Watching Rosó Buch smile on the court is often synonymous with watching Rosó Buch play well.

I don’t know if it’s a strong point or a weak point, but to me it looks great when I’m happy on track and when I’m not. You can’t always play happily because in a country a thousand stories happen, but in my case when I’m calm, when I enjoy the court I play basketball much better. And I notice.

In the Basque Country, in a strong team where Nadia Colhado also went … Gernika was a good option, wasn’t it?

When I signed for Gernika I already knew that the national blog continued and I have many friends there, then the signing of Nadia was an extra because I get along very well with her both on and off the court. Having companions like this in the team helps a lot, the foreigners who have arrived also contribute a lot from a human point of view and, in addition, living in a smaller town like Gernika also makes us do many things together and with the theme of covid-19 even more.

In the Super Cup we already showed that they were competitive.

The Super Cup was a warning to everyone and to ourselves to know that we have a very complete team and that, if we work hard, we can give many surprises. We know that in this league we can beat anyone, but that any team can also beat us. At the moment Salamanca won the Super Cup, and everything seems to be the same as always with Girona there as well, but there are very good squads in the league. Like that of Valencia, ours and more.

A Super Cup with Rosó Buch scoring points, playing base, playing escort. Comfortable with the role you play within the team?

Tint very clear that I am a combo. In Girona I played a lot of base, although I was more of an escort. I like to be versatile and be able to play in different positions and play a leading role. I’m ready to play wherever the coach wants me to be. Mario (López) has known me since I was a child and all he asks me to do is be myself and be constant when it comes to creating, not only making points but also generating play.

Will Sunday be a special match?

Yes, it will be special. Ever since he left Girona, from the 1st minute he had in mind what it would be like when he returned to Fontajau. In the Cup we played Valencia-Girona and it was special to compete against «my team», but now to go back to Fontajau and see the people, in my pavilion, in my house … Yes, it will be very exciting. Since the end of Sunday’s match against Bembibre, I’ve had my head set on arriving in Girona. I really want them, because I think there are a lot of people there who love me and I love them very much.

Playing more or playing less, did Fontajau’s grandstand always look at it with very good eyes?

Yes. From my first year in Girona I noticed this special connection. It’s mutual because I’ve always been very happy with the way they treated me and I’m very grateful to Uni’s fans. I have always tried to be close when a child or family came to take photos, ask for autographs … My connection with the people of Fontajau was special and I was very sorry not to be able to say goodbye in a different way. That is why it will be emotional to return to Fontajau on Sunday.

Although the coronavirus also does not allow matches to be fully normal.

The virus is, sorry, “stinking” us all, and sport is no exception. That there may be people in Fontajau, be it fifty percent of the capacity or whatever, is good news because there is a very good atmosphere there, as is also the case in Valencia or here in Gernika. Although the pavilion is smaller, when it is full it is also very good. For me it is very good that there can be people in Fontajau, because that way I will be able to greet people and my parents will also be able to come.

Has her parents ever had trouble getting miles to go see her play?

Hey, hey. Yes, it is true. They used to come to see me wherever I went, but now with the covid they tried to travel less and in recent years they were very used to having me in Girona. But in the case of Fontajau, this year they are also members of Uni because they love basketball and they love Girona, and they will be able to come on Sunday.

She keeps friends in the locker room. Did you talk to Helena this week?

Yes. I have contacts and friends here. I talked to Helena (Oma), Laia (Palau), Petrovic … When we saw each other at the Super Cup we were chatting. Although we are rivals, the esteem is there for everything we have gone through together, and this year Girona’s squad is very good again. Full of great players.

Sunday will see them.

Yes, but the covid has changed a lot the day to day of the teams. For me, now that I come to Girona, I would love to be able to have dinner with my friends, greet many people … But we can’t mix with many people as a precaution. We will arrive on Saturday night, hotel, we will train in the pavilion in the morning, the match in the afternoon. I hope to be able to greet people in the pavilion, but without hugs … It’s all a bit frustrating.

The coronavirus is changing the routines of computers. Is the league ready for all this?

I don’t think neither the league nor anyone else is ready to deal with something like this virus. The problem is very big and I think we will be like this all season; for example, Zaragoza has not been able to play in either day, Zamora has done so without training … I guess when the team is lucky not to have any positives it will have an advantage because as they are suspending matches, we will see where these matches are placed.

And on top of that the CSD says they are not a professional league.

It is very unfair. It is not taken for granted that women’s basketball is not considered professional. It should be changed now.


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