“From the start, we know that PSG will be champion”, regrets Jean-Marc Pilorget

34 years ago, he wrote a beautiful page in the history of PSG. Jean-Marc Pilorget was part of the workforce crowned champion of France for the first time in 1986. Confined in the Paris region, the former 62-year-old defender, record player of matches played with PSG (435) compares the two eras.

What does this new PSG title, the 7th in 8 seasons, inspire in you?

JEAN-MARC PILORGET. It confirms that this club has dominated French football for several years. The championship stopped on the 28th day but from the 2nd or 3rd, from the start in fact, we know that PSG will be champion. It is a little regrettable for the interest of this championship but it is like that. It shows in any case the seriousness, the work done inside this club for some time.

Do you like this team?

There are others that I also liked before. But today, what I expect from this team is that it will tickle the greats of Europe and get as close as possible to its goal: to win the Champions League. Me, I only judge it by its course in the European Cup, and I remain on my hunger for now.

It is also the 9th title won by the club. What memories do you keep of the first in 1986?

A great memory. Gérard Houllier had managed to form a group of very good level on the technical-tactical and mental level. We had a blast for a year. We had an inner strength, the impression that nothing could happen to us. Not at all big head but from the start, we felt an individual and collective strength that allowed us to go to the end.

1982 is bound to be a year apart for you with the first French Cup won by PSG thanks to your decisive shot against Saint-Etienne…

I saw the match on TV a short time ago. One of my nephews called me saying: Uncle, you’re on TV. I really enjoyed this replay. It was a really special final with an invasion of ground, a president who comes to kiss the lawn … It will remain engraved forever.

You also remain the record holder for games played with Paris. Do you feel a certain pride?

Of course, especially when you are a Parisian and have loved your club. Even if records are made to be broken, I remain so for the moment.

Do you often return to the Park?

No, I haven’t even set foot there for a year.

Why ?

I looked for work for two years for a coaching position. It’s hard when we have interviews and it doesn’t work, doors close. It took me a while to admit it, but I realized that football no longer wanted me. From there, if he no longer wants me, I must detach myself from him. I did not watch a football match for a year until the replay of PSG-Saint-Etienne we talked about. I also did not go to see a football match, apart from 3 or 4 of the child of a friend who plays in the Paris region. But everything is fine.

You really have no bitterness?

Any. It’s part of the things of life. If a club calls me tomorrow, I will think about it but I am no longer a requester. I am still passionate about football but we can live without it, even if it remains a sport, a great spectacle.

Why do you think you have not found a job since 2016 and your departure from Fréjus-Saint-Raphaël?

I don’t ask myself any more questions. Wasn’t I smooth enough? I have learned over time to shape. There are also a lot of presidents who know nothing about football and want to give you lessons. It makes me laugh. We coaches just pretend to know a little about football. I never expected recognition, but it’s nice to receive calls or messages from former players I have led. It proves that I didn’t get it wrong.

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