Fuel and heating prices: the fuel price reaches its highest level in 34 years

Oil prices are soaring and with them, those of domestic fuel oil, still very frequently used to heat French homes. The bill is growing for households.

A first for 34 years: according to information from Parisian, the price of a liter of fuel soars in France. It now costs more than one euro. Three and a half million households (10% of the population) use this method to heat their homes during the winter.

Why is the price of fuel oil increasing?

Like road fuels, heating oil comes from petroleum refining. This is why its price has been increasing for several weeks, like gasoline and diesel. Its cost even reached a record level on October 22:

  • € 1.069 for deliveries from 2000 to 4999 liters
  • 0.995 € for deliveries over 27,000 liters

The price of a barrel of oil has increased 65% in nine months due in part to the global economic recovery. Bad news: the rise should continue in the coming weeks.

Fewer and fewer orders?

This increase is not without consequences. Indeed, Le Parisien indicates that, for a week, fuel orders have been fewer and fewer. “The prices are becoming too high. It is now the wait that prevails”, explains Maëlle Ricard, director of operations at FioulReduc to our colleagues. Some households are slow to fill their tanks.

In the future, oil heating is in danger of disappearing in France. A law provides that from July 1, 2022, new homes cannot be heated with this type of boiler.

In the meantime, the government has chosen to set up a “inflation compensation” for people earning less than 2,000 euros net per month.

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