Fuel prices: “Lowering taxes is not the preferred avenue,” says Clément Beaune

If he has not yet unveiled the long-awaited measure to help the French cope with the rise in fuel prices, the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, gave some clues this Thursday, October 21 on LCI.

He first ruled out lowering taxes on fuel, “because it is very expensive and concerns a lot of people,” according to the Secretary of State. “The idea would rather be to have a device as targeted as possible on people who use their car on a daily basis, especially for work,” he said.

Two tracks seemed to emerge at the beginning of the week to support the French in this crisis, that of a reduction in taxes and that of a fuel check.

While the journalist asked him when the measure will be announced, Clément Beaune spoke of the “imminent announcement, of a strong measure” adding that there was only a need for “a few hours”.

“Cramer the coffers of the State”

The Secretary of State then went on to respond to criticism from the opposition on the right, in particular to Valérie Pécresse who recently accused the government of “burning the state coffers”, at the microphone of BFMTV. “We do not burn the box. (…) We have already announced more than 4,000 euros of aid for electricity and gas and we will have very significant aid against the rise in energy prices for the winter ”, he pleaded. .

“I hear in particular Xavier Bertrand and others, say return the money, as if the State were stealing money from the French, but how do we finance the measures that will allow the prices of gas and electricity to be frozen during the winter? He defended himself.

Clément Beaune ended by detailing the government’s strategy to fight against the rise in fossil fuel prices. He explained in particular that the latter would put in place “emergency measures today to help the most disadvantaged and then act on the substance for the future” with “a serious energy policy that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels” .

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