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Entertainment Center/Lin Chengyu Report

The marriage turmoil between Jiang Hongjie and Fukuhara Ai continues to spread. At present, the two sides will face a cross-sea divorce lawsuit. People in Fukuhara Ai have not seen a pair of children in Japan for 4 or 5 months. Recently, it has been reported that the whole person has lost a lot of weight. In addition, Jiang Hongjie’s eldest sister, Jiang Henggen, only appeared at the airport on March 20 to send Ai Fukuhara’s mother back to Japan, always keeping a low-key attitude. It was only yesterday (7th) that the text of the IG introduction was discovered. Made a change quietly.

▲The marriage change between Jiang Hongjie and Fukuhara Ai. (Picture/data photo)

Jiang Henggen, who was originally going to make her debut in the entertainment industry, temporarily stopped acting because of her younger brother. However, yesterday she suddenly uploaded a selfie on IG’s limited-time dynamic place. You can see that she was shocked. She is still so beautiful. It’s worth noting that in the part of her personal introduction, she changed from “forever kind and always brave” to “continue to be kind, always brave, and when the water falls, she feels that she is fighting back against all kinds of problems. Appropriate rumors and voices.

▲Elder Sister Jiang Hongjie updated IG. (Photo/Retrieved from Jiang Henggen IG)

In addition, according to the “Freedom Times” report, Jiang Henggen, who has been unwilling to respond to this matter, was very distressed by the friends next to him, and said to help. “She felt that she should not waste social resources. Protect your family, and bear whatever you feel wronged.” Jiang Henggen IG’s post stayed on December 31, 2020. She thanked many people and said, “The most important thing is my favorite family members, we Let’s work hard together” at the end to welcome 2021.

▲Jiang Henggen’s profile was found to be changed. (Photo/Retrieved from Jiang Henggen IG)

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