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Full review. Live. Happy and sad. Life in Uniforms (2018) “Heavy Drama It may seem rushing and squeezing, but it’s fun.”

by archyde

partOh Yang Sonwho is a stalker who strives to work until he forgets his family until his wife is an officerAn Jang Mi (Bae JungOk) Divorce, and both children are not attached to the father who rarely stays at home. Until when helping his people, the police partner died above, so the punishment was reduced to a patrol. Then the difficulty came whenOh Yang SonHaving to stay at the same station with the students from the police academy who stinks at him isn’t enough.Oh Yang Sonalso have to be a nannyYeomsangSuewho hated him the most After that, the formula follows when three new kids, a despicable former trainer and station members come face to face with a police conscience. Through a story that is a story that seems ordinary but not common in Korean society, that’s for sure. Every event has an ending that gives lessons and ends in a course.

A full-blown drama that is intense but doesn’t have a strong core.

because the chapter selected to glorify the junior police officers byPoint out the humanity in the operational staff.Their other open side is what they have to face each day. which is the pressure that erodes the hearts of the staff who work hard, plusSnatching the mask, both the story of the boss’s level of obscurity, the disgust of the media that chooses to look at the angle that sells news, but doesn’t care about realityOr the attitude of the Korean people to look at the police is no different from the lower classes. which they have to face and go through each day in order to reach a measurable conclusion intrue policemanshipby consciously in every story told, then whenSelected chapters tell an abstract story.Therefore, the audience can’t read how it started, how it ends, in its essence, making it not very attractive, just keep watching without having to sleep deprivation.

butWisdom is to choose to tell stories in small and large cases that have their own conclusions that are not binding. and then put the seasonings in it by accelerating the drama, putting a sense of pity and sympathy into it, and then going to the society that is not fair to them with the glorious mood that has to come about everything In fact, it works if you look at it from the perspective of drama addiction because the audience has the feeling that the script really wants, but if you look at it as a play is not enough, it’s a drama that gets your heart but looks overflowing and glorified. that it looks deliberate Because in the real world, there must be some good and some bad, but the balance of this issue is not enough. is to choose to let the lower-ranking police be the one to be punished by both the upper-level supervisors or the justice system, including the media that is even biased towards the public’s attitude towards the minority police or tighten it down, it is “Doing good is priceless. Missing is sinking the earth.” causing the story to slip out of the orbit of the truth


whichIn the real world, there must be both the Dongqin Kangqin police.But the chapter projected the spotlight only on the surface and let the conclusion of this angle look unsettling. So it turns out that only the ideal police make the feeling of the audience in reality feel rebellious because the real world is not like this. There must be some good and some bad mixed up. Or even the presentation in Korean dramas, there are quite a few that expose the rottenness of the police or the prosecutor, but at least in terms of the awkwardness of the police, it can be done to your heart, but just for enjoyment. And if you want to take the life lessons that are so touching and touching that you haven’t reached that point in some matters or are too overbearing in others as well The part that I can’t see the core of the story clearly is that when I watch it until the end, I still can’t tell that apart from the drama, the audience’s heart can feel in any aspect. Or it may be a shock to society to think and sympathize with people who work.They also have the same flesh and blood as us.


When an officer is a human

When choosing to tell the human dimension of a police officer, it is indispensable.The corner of the family that is the root of feelings This is like a mirror or reflection between a married couple in trouble because their duty is the frail married couple.Oh Yang SonwithAn Zhang Mi that reflects the image of the love that is formingYeom Sang SoowithHan Jung Ohwhich is not the same, is similar to following in the footsteps becausetrue policemanshipIt is a variable that has to be traded and sees the life of an unbalanced low-income policeman. Each family struggles. This is the best part to be praised because it is the fact that no matter what the job of the police, they still have people waiting behind them. The back of the house, who has to sleep when the husband or child has not yet entered the house, fears what their loved ones will face.


Coupled with hard work and risky lives for a small income are the variables of passion that will determine or determine the true police destiny. which is an element of the work that may not seem smooth in every way. And I would dare to say that even though I saw that it told the abstract story in the main story, the secondary story was clearly seen as a matter of marriage and family problems.Oh Yang SonThe police who gave their bodies and hearts to their duties until they neglected their families. Became turned away by the family until when living a life as a patrolman through the story through life with a estranged father was a nanny forYeomsangSueThat may begin with a foul face and then over time about the family’s.Oh Yang Sonthen returned to form and became a family institution again

In my personal opinion, the author thinks that is the best and most beautiful part when I can’t see that this part of the story is stuck. The audience began to watch with their faces filled.Oh Yang SonBut as time passed, the feeling gradually dissipated without realizing it, until finally it felt likeAn Zhang Miwho understands and is ready to forgive him This is to put the family dimension clear and beautiful when it is believed that this is a police family where both parties have duties, but one has more responsibility than managing or engaging with the family. The department is the police. So you can see the picture clearly and feel it with your heart in this angle. As for the love story of the newlywed couple, it seems that there was a contradiction from the beginning. especially the body ofHan Jung OhAt the beginning and the end, it looks like it’s not homogeneous, but overall, although it doesn’t look smooth, it has a beautiful angle to look at in a dramatic drama like this.


The chapter has a dramatic effort so the acting is trying to follow along.

The play tries to add drama to look at the younger cops with new eyes, and there are some things that seem overwhelming and are clearly deliberately squeezed. Therefore, it affects the performances that sometimes seem overwhelming, but may not blame the actors because the script is both rushing and stimulating, and the actors have to try to squeeze according to the script. until he saw that he tried to play for which the lottery came outBae Sung Wooin the chapterOh Yang Sonwho looks the best in acting because of his characterOh Yang SonMust be a person who is hard on the outside and soft on the inside without showing feelings. This made him the only one who had mastered the tone of his own performance and the result was the best, and the audience couldn’t fault the transition from the inside, never to be seen as lacking or being too fit for a character that he is responsible and it turns out that although the story begins with the narrative ofHan Jung OhwithYeom Sang Soobut became the dominant and all the driving force to the chapterOh Yang Son Or to put it simply, it’s the part that tells the story of the family.Oh Yang Sonis the main engine

which turned out to be an interesting one and then stolen Others do well when the narrative tells a story that’s not squeezing or intense, but when will the story be deliberately pushy sees the effort as well in the show? Yet everyone can still be loved and sympathetic.Jung Yu Mithat charm comes to the fullest, responsible emotional performance But the one that was oppressed in the whole story was someone who should stand out as a hero.another palaceSuewho became on the scene with anyone who was oppressed until they became not feeling like a hero Others also had memorable moments.Seong-dongil , agreeHyeran , Shin Dong Wook , Bae JungOk orZhangHyun Sungthat go together well despite being overflowing With the visual work offered at an angle that is not dull, even at night, you can still see the bright corner so that the subject does not go down too much. Because choosing to play with sympathy and adjusting the attitude towards the police of the audience mainly with music that comes out comfortably, makes it a dark work, but does not suppress the mood, but still looks impressive at a satisfactory level


This is a work that’s fun to look at. It’s a good job if you look at the big picture.Just looking torn a bit too much when the mat comes out light, but the truth is heavy with emotion. And although there may not be a strong attraction, there is something to do, take a break, but no matter what, you can’t pour it down and have to come back and watch it to the end. which the storytelling and the intention to see the work Hospital Playlist But that’s the work that comes later, so it looks more perfect and balanced. But if it is said here that this is a work that came before, and then looking at the intent, you will see that this story has definitely been written to take pictures because still see that some stories are not homogeneous, the conclusion is still not drained Is when choosing to squeeze the drama to be sympathetic to see the minor police as being the one who has been acted on and should reward the audience some, but choose to be human, take the episode, there will be a conclusion in some sub stories, leaving unsettled The despicable waters were released even though they had tried to escape the world before.

By placing the main character in the fight against many injustices but ultimately choosing to mourn that injustice, which might be good from the point of view of the truth. But when the story chooses to have a heavy drama from the beginning and then releases the conclusion, many stories are told as it is seen that the details are incomplete, intentionally making it unsatisfactory. Because at least hurting the mind should be rewarded with some heart, but when choosing to accept and be strong enough to be a police of both body and heart, there may be some that will be seen as a fun but not the ultimate job. Even though he might look at another way of being a spokesperson for his home society, turn around and look at the police officers who work hard to take care of the people. People who still have the human factor in deciding what to do or not to do and to think in the respect of the sacrificial, think in the glorious perspective when at some point we still have to depend on them.

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