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Wine whose price is scheduled to increase in July (The photo is an image)

The price increase will be in full swing after July. It covers a wide range of items such as food, daily necessities, transportation, utilities, and fire insurance. Among them, food is expected to reach 20,000 items a year, and it looks like a rush to raise prices.

Reasons for the price increase include the soaring prices of crude oil and wheat triggered by the situation in Ukraine, the depreciation of the yen, the weather, and system changes.

Based on this situation, Teikoku Databank (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is investigating the price revision trends of 105 major listed food manufacturers. Sony Warranty Inc. (Ota-ku, Tokyo) has put together a price increase calendar.What kind of content

Average price increase rate is 13%

According to Teikoku Databank, by the end of June 2022, the number of food items announced to increase was 15,257 (6451 items have already been increased), with an average increase rate of 13%.

In July, the price is planned to increase for 1588 items, and in August, the price will exceed 2000 items for the first time, and in October, the price will be increased for more than 3000 items, which is the largest number for a single month.

Until around May 2022, the reason for the price increase was the soaring prices of raw materials such as wheat. It is said that there are many cases cited as the reason.

Due to the sharp depreciation of the yen, movements such as re-price increases and re-price increases are already widespread, so the company says, “Price increases will increase further after autumn, and there is a high possibility that the annual price will exceed 20,000 items.”

From the company’s news release

Fire insurance also increased by 10.9%

Sony Warranty Inc. (Ota-ku, Tokyo) has compiled information on items scheduled for price increases in 2022 in a calendar format, as prices are rising one after another for food, daily necessities, and energy.

Since the price of fire insurance that the company deals with will be raised in October 2022, the phrase “an average price increase of 10.9% and a contract period expected to be shortened to 5 years” was also included in the calendar.

At the same time, financial planner Harumi Maruyama announced the tendency of price increases and points to protect households. Among them, Mr. Maruyama said, “Since the price of domestic vegetables may be affected in the future, it is necessary to devise such as making one item with surplus ingredients so that the ingredients can be used up without waste until the end.”

“It is one of the measures to stock foods that are scheduled to be raised in advance, but it is also effective to review fixed costs such as utilities and insurance.”

From the company’s news release

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