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Reporter Lin Boting / Report from Taipei

▲ “Absolute Force 2” will be launched this summer. (Picture / Taken from the official website of “CS2”)

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Like the revelations and expectations from all walks of life, Valve officially announced the existence of “Counter-Strike 2” (Counter-Strike 2) late at night today (23rd) Taiwan time. According to the promotional video and official website, “Counter-Strike 2” is based on The game content of “Absolute Force: Global Offensive” is used as the basis, and then optimized for various aspects. Players will be able to “free” upgrade “Absolute Force: Global Offensive” to “Absolute Force: Global Offensive” this summer (2023). 2″, the following is a summary of the 6 major changes after the upgrade by “Sanli News Network” according to the existing information.

In “Absolute Force: Global Offensive”, the smoke that spreads after throwing a smoke bomb will not be affected by any terrain or objects, but in “Absolute Force 2”, the smoke will be changed to “dynamic volume objects” that will not only interact with the environment, Also reacts to light, gunfire, HE grenades and explosions. Take gunfire and high-explosive grenades as an example. The gun line from which the player fires the bullet and the explosion of the grenade can “push the smoke” and clear the field of vision for a short time.

▲The change of the smoke system has a great impact on the battlefield. (Picture / flip from Valve YT channel)

“Absolute Force 2” adopts the core technology “Sub-Tick”. Thanks to this technology, the server can know the exact moment to start an action, fire a bullet, and throw a grenade. That is, regardless of the tick rate, the player It will be equally responsive when moving and shooting, and the grenade will land the same way “every time”.

▲Sub-Tick will allow players to “what you see is what you get”. (Picture / flip from Valve YT channel)

The material, light and shadow of the items in the map have also been significantly improved in “Absolute Force 2”. The official uses its “Source 2” game engine to renovate the map, so that the presentation and reflection effects of each item, light and shadow in the map are closer to Reality. In addition to the refurbishment of the map, the effects of water, explosions, flames, smoke, gun flames, tracer bullets, blood splashes and collisions in the game are all redesigned by the Source 2 game engine, presenting brand new visual effects and behavior modes.

The user interface of “Absolute Force: Global Offensive” is also different due to the upgrade to “Absolute Force 2”. The user interface will be completely refurbished, so that the current important events of the game can be communicated to players.

▲The light and shadow presentation and user interface of the classic map “Desert Ruins 2” are different from the past. (Picture / flip from Valve YT channel)

For FPS games, the importance of “listening to sound and identifying position” is needless to say. Valve pointed out that the team reworked the audio system of “Absolute Force 2”, which will better reflect the physical environment, the sound will be clearer, express more game states, and bring players a richer game experience.

Finally, the official reminds players that the item library in “Absolute Force: Global Offensive” will be “reserved” and transferred to “Absolute Force 2”, and thanks to the lighting and material system of Source 2, players’ gun shapes, Character appearance will be able to be rendered in higher resolution.

In addition, the official emphasizes that it is currently the limited testing stage of “Absolute Force 2”, and only some functions of “Absolute Force 2” will be evaluated, so as to solve major problems before the summer launch. However, during the few months before the launch, all kinds of cool things about “Absolute Force 2” will be announced one after another.

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