«Fundeen»: crowfunding for investments in renewable

In the middle of transition towards a carbon neutral economy, with the Green Pact in the frontispiece of the European Union (EU), initiatives such as the startup
 It comes to remember that Spain has not yet lost the train of renewable energy. Especially, in relation to solar panels (installations, fields …). This crowfunding platform, which began operating in February 2019, was created by the two brothers and young entrepreneurs Nacho and Adrián Bautista.

With a short year of life, after 18 months of paperwork at the CNMV to achieve the authorization of operation, they have collected 720,000 euros and financed six projects in Spain and France with an average investment of 1,700 euros per user. Currently they have 3,000 registered users, and employs 10 people with very diverse profiles, from engineers, administrative staff to consultants. “We ask for a minimum investment of 500 euros, an amount that we put because we want it to hurt the investor’s pocket and have it think twice,” said Nacho Bautista who recalled that these types of investments have their risk.

In this regard, they have highlighted that for their projects they estimate an average return of 7% from the production of the installed solar panels and the price that will be paid for the energy they produce. It also delivers dividends every three months. “The return is quite close to the sector, even lower: there are specialized investment funds that are achieving returns above 10%,” he said. In this regard, they recalled that each project before entering the “showcase” of the platform must go through technical, financial and legal exams, by the team of analysts of “Fundeen” and an external law firm, in The legal aspect. All this documentation is accessible to the potential investor.

In any case, the solar panel fields or the facilities in which the users of «Fundeen» invest have established contracts for the sale of energy with companies such as «Holaluz» or ED
F in France. In addition, the co-founder and CEO of this firm added, “it is often sought that the maintenance company is the same as the developer: we force them to co-invest, so we align their interests.”

The future
On the remuneration received by the managers of the platform, the managers of «Fundeen» receive a success commission of between 5 and 7% of the capital raised in each project. Also another commission of between 0.5% and 1% of the capital attracted annually. On the future, Nacho Bautista has opted to «take more pace of project financing and make them bigger». Specifically, it has set its goal for this year in 20 projects overcoming the “barrier” of the 10 million euros invested through our platform.

Next March they will open a marketplace so that the users of «Fundeen» can buy and sell the shares in the different projects. .

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