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The new crown pneumonia epidemic is serious, and governments around the world have encouraged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. (Picture/Retrieved from booneoakley Twitter)

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The new crown pneumonia epidemic is violent, and heads of state have stepped up domestic vaccines in order to increase the protection of the people and defeat the virus. However, in the Charlotte area of ​​North Carolina in the United States, on the 19th, there was a funeral car circling around the city, and the car body was also marked with a warning slogan “Don’t get vaccinated.” , This is a counter-propaganda technique that an advertising company deliberately came up with in order to promote the importance of vaccination.

According to a report by “Wbtv”, people in the Charlotte area can often see a funeral car belonging to the Wilmore Funeral Club on the street in recent days. The body is written in bright white paint with “Don’t get vaccinated.” Slogan. Some people took pictures of vehicles traveling around the urban area and took pictures of them to surf the Internet, which immediately caused a large number of netizens to discuss the matter.

In fact, this is an advertising company, in order to encourage people to get vaccinated. David Oakley, the person in charge of the company, talked about the idea of ​​this project and said, “Many of the advertisements you see about supporting vaccines are very simple, such as “vaccinations.” It is very simple, we want to try We are looking at the promotion and vaccination from different angles.”

David then explained that with this idea, the next step is to think about how to alert the world. “When we think about who will benefit from people not being vaccinated, an idea just pops up like that. It’s too complicated to think. If people die because of not being vaccinated, who will be the last beneficiary? The answer is the funeral home.”

And when David was asked whether he was worried about the counter-effects of such an approach, he replied, “I was really worried at the beginning, but when I thought, if I can make everyone afraid of getting the virus because of seeing the advertisement, then Actively get vaccinated and it will be worth it.”

The report pointed out that there are currently thousands of people in the district who have seen the warning signs of the funeral club’s vehicles and understood the meaning and went to vaccinate. In other words, David’s publicity methods have been quite successful.


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