Further warning strikes in Berlin on Monday and Tuesday – BZ Berlin

The Verdi union calls for further warning strikes in Berlin at the beginning of the week. This time, the strikes affect the state’s own hospitals, as Verdi announced on Sunday with reference to an “insufficient offer from the employer side”.

A two-day strike is to begin on Monday (October 19) with the early shift at Vivantes and the Charité, which will end on Tuesday at the end of the late shift.

The union has also called the Berlin city cleaning service to strike on Tuesday. All recycling yards are expected to remain closed, and garbage disposal will go on strike, as will parts of street cleaning. “The employees of the pension insurance and employment agencies have also been called to strike,” it said.

In the current collective bargaining round, Verdi is calling for salary increases of 4.8 percent, but at least 150 euros a month.


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