Futsal Pre-World Cup

and the couple stopped the world that everyone has been waiting for Between the finals in 2016, Samba Brazil, the gold medal last time With the old vice-champion, the Iron Eagle, Germany by PPTV HD ‘Channel 36’, the owner of the slogan ‘Home of Football’, will shoot live across the country from 18.30 onwards.

which during the lockdown, stay at home, stop germs to stop the (heavy) outbreak of Covid-19 like this, in addition to the Olympics come to relax already stressed There will still be another big event happening in our home.

That is, the small table battle “CONTINENTAL FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIP THAILAND 2021” or Futsal Pre-World Cup to blow up the shin Between 25-30 July at Show DC Hall 1, Show DC Rama 9 shopping center, which will be used as a new red banner futsal arena for the first time.

There will be 8 nations from Europe, Asia and Africa to join the fight. Our war elephant small table is in the A line with Uzbekistan, Kosovo and Mozambique, while the B line consists of Iran, Egypt, Tajikistan and Lithuania. Host the Futsal World 2021

This is the most important warm-up event for the Thai futsal team. to prepare for the final round World Futsal Championship in September, which the program of Thai small table players in the first round consists of Sunday, July 25, Mozambique, Monday, July 26, Kosovo and Tuesday 27 July meets Uzbekistan by kicking at 17.00 every match, while Thursday, July 29, play-offs for the 7-8th place, including the semi-final game.

while Friday, July 30, will be a play-off game, 5th-6th place, 3rd place and final For the availability of the War Elephant Futsal team It is interesting that the change of generals from the same coach Pulpis, who suddenly parted ways, “Big Pom” Adisak Benjasiriwan Thai futsal generals Therefore, the situation must be resolved by setting up “Coach Mee” Rakphon Sainetngam as the head coach. By working with Coach Cesar and “Coach Dom” Udom Thaweesuk from this tournament until the completion of the Futsal World Mission.

Will this big change affect the performance of Thai small table players who have been under the reins of the old coach like Pulpis for a long time? It would be something that must be proven.

Unfortunately, this show is not filmed live on TV. But futsal fans can watch every match live via the Futsalthailand page – Futsalland/Thairath Sports Page/Youtube Thairath

Don’t forget that this year, Thai football has nothing to hope for, all that’s left is the “National Futsal National Team” that is enough to save your face!!!

B Bangpakong

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