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The annual “Golden Joystick Awards 2021” (Golden Joystick Awards 2021) of the annual TGA Game Awards frontline will be announced today (24). What is more special is the addition of “Ultimate Hardware of All” this year. Time) and “Ultimate Game of All Time” (Ultimate Game of All Time) and other awards. In the end, the best game console in history was won by the “PC Personal Computer”, and the winner was represented by the President of Valve, “G Fat” Gabe Newell.

As in previous years, the Golden Joystick Award was selected by a jury composed of outstanding figures in the game industry. Players voted and awarded many annual awards, including “Best Narrative”, “Best Independent Game”, and “Ultimate” Awards such as “Game of the Year” and “Best Game Hardware in History” and “Best Game in History” have also been added as the finale.

The top five of the “best gaming hardware in history” are recognized by most players as the best-selling console, the fifth is PS1 (7%), the fourth is PS4 (8%), and the third is Super Nintendo (9%). The second place is PS2 (14%), and the first place is the PC personal computer with 17% of the votes. The official also invited the president of the Steam game platform G Fat to accept the award.

“The continuous innovation and advancement of PC game hardware has always brought great benefits to players and developers. I am honored to be able to represent the people who make PC hardware to win the award for the best game hardware in history.” G Fatzai In the film, he touched the valve and gave a brief speech.

Of course, another special finale option is “Best Game of All Time”. The fifth place is “Minecraft” (8%), the fourth place is “Shadow Time” (9%), and the third place is “The Legend of Zelda:” Breath of the Wild” (10%), second place in “Doom” (11%).

However, the first prize winner with a 12% vote rate was “Dark Soul” (Dark Soul) developed by FromSoftware. The advent of the game set the benchmark for future generations of open world adventures and difficult actions.


Of course, another “Ultimate Game of the Year” award was awarded for “Evil Castle 8: Village” produced by Capcom, which also won the “PlayStation Game of the Year” and “Best Sound Effect”. Awards.

The following is the list of all the winners of this year’s Golden Rocker Awards 2021:

  • Best narrative(Best Storytelling):“Life is Strange: True Colors”
  • Best multiplayer game(Best Multiplayer Game):《It Takes Two》
  • Best sound(Best Audio):“Evil Castle 8: Village”
  • Best visual design(Best Visual Design):“Rackett and Clark: A Crack in Time and Space”
  • Best game expansion(Best Game Expansion):“Tsima Warriors: Iki Island”
  • Best mobile game of the year(Mobile Game of the Year):“League of Legends: Fighting Canyon”
  • Best gaming hardware(Best Gaming Hardware):PS5
  • Best indie game(Best Indie Game):“Death’s Gate”
  • Developer of the Year(Studio of the Year):Capcom
  • Best performance(Best Performer):Maggie Robertson (Ms. Dimitrescu)
  • Best breakthrough(Breakthrough Award):《Housemarque》
  • Best gaming community(Best Game Community):《Final Fantasy 14》
  • Best continuous play(Still Playing Award):《Final Fantasy 14》
  • PC Game of the Year(PC Game of the Year):《Hitman 3》
  • Nintendo Game of the Year(Nintendo Game of the Year):“Metroder Survival Fear”
  • Xbox Game of the Year(Xbox Game of the Year):《Psychonauts 2》
  • PlayStation Game of the Year(PlayStation Game of the Year):“Evil Castle 8: Village”
  • Most anticipated game(Most Wanted Game):The Circle of Elden
  • Critics vote(Critics Choice Award):“Death Cycle”
  • Ultimate Best Game of the Year(Ultimate Game of the Year):“Evil Castle 8: Village”
  • The best gaming hardware in ultimate history(Ultimate Hardware of All Time):PC personal computer
  • Ultimate Best Game Award(Ultimate Game of All Time):“Dark Souls”


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