G.Robinson and Tambone decide it in OT

A crazy race closes the quarter-final program. Pesaro passes 115-110 in overtime.


First quarter to say the least crazy. 4-16 Pesaro at 6.50, 11 by Drell (who reaches 13) with 3/3 from the arc. Quijdi 15-2 Sassari and 21.18 at 1.53 with 6 from Spissu and Bilan. 26-24 at the end of the first quarter.


The madness of the match continues, accompanied also by much higher tones (on and off the pitch) than in the other matches. Sassari goes up to 38-29 after Kruslin’s steal, Pesaro responds with a 12-0 partial and two plays by Delfino are worth 40-44 at 3.47. Third foul by Cain, technical for Pozzecco as for Repesa, 53-49 at the end of the first half. Attacks dominate: 8 by Bilan with 4 rebounds, 19 by Robinson with 4/5 of 2 and 3/7 of 3.


Start from 10-1 for Sassari, and a triple from Burnells for 63-50 (maximum advantage) forces Repesa to timeout. The VL has 9 points from Delfino practically in a row, but Burnell is hot, Cain touches 4 fouls at 4.49, Filloy takes a foul in attack, and Robinson puts the triple of 68-65 at 4 ‘(with Burnell to man on he). Foul in attack by Bilan, foul in defense of Gentile, Pesaro’s partial never stops, and with the 13-0 overtaking arrives at 68-69 at 2.49, then broken by Gentile with the triple of 71-69 at 2.11 . Stefano’s new bomb for 74-69.


Justin Robinson remains unstoppable (27 points at 8.52), Pozzecco expelled at 7 ‘for obvious protests, with even a bickering with a person in the stands (provoked). And at 5 ‘it is 85-85, Sassari returns to +5 with Spissu and Bilan, Gerald Robison supports the 90-89 at 3.20, Delfino steals the ball from Bendzius and again Gerald Robinson puts the triple of 90-92 at 3.03. Bilan hits from the line after a sensational mistake by G.Robinson, Filipovity extends again to +2 with 1.56, G. Robinson again (J. Robinson is out for fouls) for 92-96 at 1.26. Kruslin finds the triple at 58 “of -1, Delfino misses the triple and Bilan in transition goes to the line but for Filloy he is unsportsmanlike at 34”. 1/2 for the draw, Bendzius misses the shot, Filloy at 14 ”nails the triple: 96-99. A 1.20 “triple that makes no sense by Stefano Gentile. Do it in the attack of Delfino. Overtime.


Pesaro without J.Robinson and Cain for fouls, Drell leans to the basket and then Filipovity’s basket and foul (99-104). Spissu is released from his home, after the twenty-first point of an unstoppable Gerald Robinson still the Sardinian playmaker scores and suffers a foul (105-106 at 3.28), Stefano Gentile supports the overtaking at 2.28. Filipovity on the counter, Drell for +3 after a rebounding foul by Bilan, Benzius hits 110-110 at 1.20, Tambone 3 alone from the corner at 1 ‘, Bendzius misses the play from the corner, Gerald Robinson closes it.

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