Gabe Newell personally delivered several Steam Decks to gamers | news

Valve CEO Gabe Newell personally visited the homes of some gamers who pre-ordered Steam Deck. Posts with user stories are published on reddit.

According to the players, Newell delivered several handheld Steam Deck consoles to those who live in the city of Seattle, USA. At the same time, on the covers of all devices turned out to be special autographs from the head of Valve himself. Some users notethat additional consoles were also given as a gift to people who did not originally pre-order – for example, friends or family members of Steam Deck owners.

The first shipment of pre-ordered Steam Decks began on February 25 – Valve originally planned to release the device in December, but later decided to postpone the release by two months due to a shortage of chips. Earlier developers showed handheld console keyboards in multiple color options.

Gabe Newell delivers the Steam Deck. Source:

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