Gabriel Camargo would have lost his speech due to cancer | They ask that the Tolima stadium bear his name | football curiosities

In Ibagué there is sadness for the state of health of Gabriel Camargo, president of Deportes Tolima for many years, and who has led the pijao team to win titles and compete in international tournaments, placing it as one of the most competitive clubs in Colombian soccer.

The leader had to distance himself from his management, because at the age of 80 he is fighting an aggressive thyroid cancer, which was diagnosed last March, and which led him to undergo an experimental treatment in the United States.

However, the health advances were not as expected, and now sad news is known, as he would move away from public life and would have lost his speech.

This was revealed by the journalist Nelson Ascencio, in statements delivered to the Municipal Council of Ibagué, as there is a project for the Ibagué stadium to change its name: from ‘Manuel Murillo Toro’ to ‘Gabriel Camargo Salamanca’, to honor the director and recognize your tireless management.

The dramatic revelations about Camargo’s health saddened Tolima fans and the Colombian soccer world.

“Don Gabriel will not return to public life. He returned from the United States after a 3-month experimental treatment for throat cancer. He returned to the capital of the Republic the previous Saturday and the idea is to prolong his life for a few days. No one knows how many days it will be, because I repeat, the treatment is experimental”, confessed Ascencio.

“He lost his speech, something very hard for a person taught to command, to order, a leader from every point of view. He will not return to public life and will dedicate himself to his recovery. He is 80 years old and the cancer is very aggressive. It remains to be seen what can be done and, with the will of God, to know how long he will accompany us, ”added the journalist, with concern and deep pain.

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