Gaby Spanic’s mother died: “Thank you for being a warrior,” wrote the actress

Gaby and her twin Dani in the company of her mother, Mrs. Norma Utrera (IG: gabyspanictv)

Venezuelan actress Gaby Spanic is in mourning due to the death of her mother, Mrs. Norma Utrera.

It was on his account Instagram where the actress shared the news with her almost two million followers on the social network, where she shared several photographs in the company of her mother, at various times in her life and dedicated a message to her:

“Thank you mom for being a warrior, for having dedicated your life to us, for teaching us to be as strong as you. I am left with the peace of mind that you are now in a better place, I just hope that God also gives us the peace we need to live without you. We love you”.

Spanic released the news of his mother's death

Spanic released the news of his mother’s death

The protagonist of La Usurpadora He did not give more details about the death of his mother, such as the causes or the place where the death occurred.

In the images he shared, he was seen at various times with Dona Norma, such as in his youth in the company of his twin sister, Daniela.

His post on the social network was immediately filled with hundreds of messages to send condolences to Spanic and his family.

In addition to twins Daniela and Gabriela, Mrs. Utrera had another daughter named Patricia and a son named Antonio. Unlike the twins, her other brothers have chosen to have a life away from the public scene.

Another of the images that Spanic shared on Instagram in the company of his mother

Another of the images that Spanic shared on Instagram in the company of his mother

Back to the stage

The name of Gabriela Spanic had been something to talk about for a few weeks due to her return to the small screen, although not in Mexico, a country where she rose to fame thanks to the telenovela La Usurpadora. She was invited to participate in Dancing with the stars, Hungary version.

For the actress, that invitation is just a sign that people want her back on television. “I love that. Really when they have wanted to attack Gabriela, against her achievements, because this is the seed that I sowed and I am reaping it; unfortunately there are people who want to throw away my achievements, my success abroad and I am wanted and loved and that we cannot hide. I have more than half of my life working, this year I have completed 33 years of career, and this for me is a blessing from God ”, he told the magazine exclusively People in spanish.

Spanic's last job at Televisa was in 2010 (Video: Televisa Screenshot)

Spanic’s last job at Televisa was in 2010 (Video: Televisa Screenshot)

In the same talk with the magazine, Spanic said she was very happy with her work in Hungary, a country where it has been very well received and took the opportunity to clarify that she has not signed any contract to do a new project in Televisa, company where his last job was in 2010 in I am your master, which is currently broadcast on Las Estrellas.

“No, it is not true (that he signed). Of course I have put myself to order, for example, with Salvador (Mejía), I love him and we did La usurpadora; I also put myself to order with Nacho (Sada), with Nicandro Díaz. Let’s see what happens in the future, let’s see what happens. PeBut the public does want to see me, the public loves me, they cannot erase that, they cannot erase the sun with a finger, they cannot. I love Mexico and he was the one that launched me to fame with The usurper, which is the most repeated novel in the history of television. Maybe there are a lot of things that have changed, but hey that’s how he played ”.


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