Gading Marten’s reaction when Gempi calls another man Daddy

JAKARTA,– Committed to raising Gempita Nora Marten together with his ex-wife, Gading Marten has her own answer if one day her daughter calls someone else as her father.

Since their divorce in 2019, Gading and Gisel still look compact to accompany their only daughter, Gempi.

But how would Ivory’s reaction be if one day Gisel remarried and Gempi called him by name daddy.

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Receiving a unique question, Gading initially laughed and considered Boy William’s question at Nebeng Boy a smart question.

Ivory even seemed to be thinking and considering what to do if that really happened.

“It’s true. Only if I, the person who later wants to marry Gisel, will definitely want Gisel to be happy, and that person knows Gisel is Gempi,” said Gading quoted from YouTube Boy William, Thursday (19/11/2020).

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“Surely he wants to make Gempi happy. As long as people make Gisel and Gempi happy, I’m fine,” Gading replied in a serious tone.

However, Boy William’s response then made Gading burst into laughter when Gading said the word ‘but’ which was not continued.

“Your girl should be called mama too,” said Boy, continuing Ivory’s words, accompanied by laughter from the two.


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