Gaël Monfils, eliminated from entering Rome: “It was so bad …” – Tennis – ATP – Rome

“Do the very average quality of the court and the power cut partly explain your disappointing performance?
I played very badly today (Thursday). The blackout has nothing to do with my very poor performance. It was a very bad game. It’s really hard to talk about that. I feel like last year I played the same match and the time before I came too. I have the impression that as soon as I play in Rome, I play these kinds of matches, it’s very boring. Another dirty game. It wasn’t terrible.

Yet you arrived in Rome early to prepare yourself. What went wrong?
Yes, I’ve been here for a week and two days. At least that’s good, I was able to pick up a bit of pace in training but the match changes everything. It’s been two days that I feel that I am very stressed. Today, it can be seen that I have no benchmarks, that I cannot let go completely. It’s a really bad game. It frustrates me enormously to have played so badly.

“From the first point, I know it’s going to be complicated. I feel that I am tense ”

Does not being able to chain several matches this week worry you as Roland-Garros approaches?
It’s sure that to match, to find the adrenaline … It’s definitely not going to help me with this first round. But just having been able to train for a week with the guys has already done me a lot of good. (he stops for a few seconds) Frankly it’s super hard to talk about this game. I don’t even know when was the last time I played a decent match in Rome. It’s bad. I’ve never played well here, it annoys me. I thought I would play better. I’m not here. It was so bad … I have no words. I’m sorry I have trouble expressing myself. It was very bad last year against Ramos and there, again, it’s bad. It annoys me. I know I was a little tense, but even.

When did you feel like it was going to be complicated?
I warmed up longer today because I felt I was tense. I want to play well, to do well. Maybe too want to do well. I tried a longer warm-up to take that stress away, type, type, type. Honestly, very quickly, I see it: the first point of the match, I do an ace at 212 km / h … on the second ball! It’s just stress. From the first point, I know it will be complicated. I feel that I am tense. My shots don’t go off, I’m far away, I can’t get anywhere, I can’t dictate the game, I suffer. It’s very strange, as soon as I get here it doesn’t. “


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